jude hill spirit cloth

Yesterday, today…

this is what it all has become


the paper form of Sanity

There were thoughts not caught.

But there was paper. The day began with paper.  Not just any paper.  A loose sheet of paper. Loose Leaf  paper.   A Loose Page with nothing on it.  But wait.  Squares.  This is a good start I thought. Yes.

There was also a lapse in Memory.  I left the stove on after making coffee for a long time. I do this a lot.  I suppose when thoughts are too loose they might be useless.  Anyway. after a lot of loose thinking,  some new ideas formed about me and books.  Since most of my how-tos for cloth making are already here, free, open, useful in the context of  that sort of thing, I began to think in another direction.   I do believe that I need to focus on the New.  Not the old.  The never seen before.  And there is, in fact, a lot of that.

Because even though I share here, there is always the Other. The lonely quiet path I use to connect the dots in  deeper space

What if I publish The Loose Pages?

Loose pages are like patches , in perspective.

sharing leaves a trace, even if it is nameless


And I think tow versions which includes a self published limited edition.  The reasons shall become clear.


  1. Aud Reiss

    I would love to have a copy of your book too. You are always eye and heart opening and I love what you make. I love what you write. I love your inquisitive way and ever evolving thinking and reflecting. I admire you so much for your courage and creativity with integrity. xxoo

  2. Carine

    Yes you can! Please put me on the list too. It would be a loss for Humanity not to have a trace of your creativity and vision in the form of a book

  3. Kathryn Walmsley

    Yup, I’m getting a hot pot thing that boils then automatically shuts itself off. I have read that it uses less energy than my beloved gas stove. I certainly want to save all my energy for stitches. Silly me. I do think we have made mistakes of all types all our lives but have been trained to notice them more when we’re older. Or set higher standards for ourselves these days.

  4. Fauna

    I have only recently discovered you. Your writing expands my view on so many topics. I would very much like a book if you decide to publish one. Thank you.
    PS – Perhaps a coffee pot with an auto shutoff would be the solution to keep you safe/free to create.

  5. Jo

    Please please publish and put me on the list. I love your work, have adorned and Incorporated your patches onto a dress, a quilt, a bag and your thinking into life. To have a book would be a wonderful inspiration.
    With love from Oxford, UK.

  6. Sally jo

    I am so delighted that you have the heart and courage to self publish. I could never do this, but I would love to preorder a book of your art. This is so exciting!!!❤️❤️❤️

  7. Sharan

    My spirit would love to embrace any loose pages/words/images you would put together … I will be following to see how your thoughts unfold and manifest themselves …

  8. Laura

    I was thinking that you have so much more to say than you can fit into one volume, and you have a larger body of work than most artists! If I were your editor, no one would be able to lift your book! I am so excited that you are working on your book(s?)!
    Also, I think your house looks fine as it is, but barn red! Wow! <3

  9. Kirsten

    I knew you would find a your way .
    Whenever l read that you can’t do this l said you write mini on line stories with lovely pictures so if she can do that this on regular basis you find a way to do this courage is tiny pieces of fear tied together & if not with fear how to move on .Better late then ugly
    A shame if future generations not knowing of such talent deep expressive spirit of the creative cloth & more.Rock On👍you hot this live it simple less things thoughts in one own 💚🏠live like the story you need & likely be read by others. Not the made up rambles of others half remembering.
    Slow process is still process it will happen it is what you do with it .
    Be very careful about stove 🔥☕l much like that developed in the 80smy forgetfulness pain 🤕🤮🤧😴.
    Do what l do use hot pot. it makes then shuts itself off safer on you & yours 😺🏡📍📏✂️🧵👩‍🎨 😷😇💚🙏

  10. Valerianna Claff

    I love your loose pages… this page is awesome and others I have seen. I love the thought to publish these!

  11. Fumiko Wellington

    Please sign me up for a copy of the loose pages…

    Do you also use coffee to dye your patches?
    I love the way you think.
    Go Jude!

  12. Joan Hinchcliff

    What a fabulous idea! You have shared so much with all of us and I truly appreciate your generosity. Your work is so uplifting and you sharing your loose pages will spread more of that stitched joy with the world! I would love to purchase a limited edition when they are available.

  13. vickiseastrom

    Letting ideas “cook” can make all the difference . . . so excited that you are excited . . . there lies footloose magic!

  14. Oh yes (((Jude))) please add my name for a copy of the limited edition & y’know I have been thinking about starting The Last Book, a one off hand painted book of days that will be finished when I am!

  15. I’m totally in!! Add me to the list, pre-ordered, limited edition…whatever. You know how I love your drawings along with the cloth work!
    I’m glad you’re feeling excited 🙂

  16. Something is afoot! (or aloose!) The pot has been stirred, the needle threaded, the burner turned on, the never-before-seen seen just a peek … yippee!

  17. debgorr

    Oh yees! The extra e ended up there because my keys are sticking. Usually I erase but thought that one was appropriate. You know I want one… 🙂

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