jude hill spirit cloth


partial eclipse of self

self hidden by self


Half faced.   An eclipse of  self I was thinking.   Then how much the moon can teach us.   About the temporary. And the constancy.  Of appearing and disappearing.  How to work with that. Use it actually, to get a sense of how it is, was, might be.  Might always be.

So it's magic.  To me,  how things appear and disappear.  Not as in trickery or illusion, but as a real part of going.  Like night into day and back again.  A natural order.

And then as an evolution.  How funny it is that we sometimes wish or imagine everything would change but we don't include ourselves.  As if we get to just watch, untouched.


Yesterday I met my crippled self, the one that might not walk too well, that appears now and then, more often.


what started out as a dot sampler turned into a study of uncovering layers and the nature of hiding. But the dot was a place to begin.

Yesterday I finished the stitching on this one, by deciding it was enough to hold it together.

I will try to rebuild my PlaceKeeper here.  For now though, a link has been placed in the sidebar to the old page on Typepad which need some serious updating because a lot of the links have disappeared.  Over time.


  1. Sharon Koch

    i like knowing that something can be, even tho i can’t see it at the moment. the mystery of layers. how dots can be a starting point. an ending point. or simply making a point. 😀

  2. “Like night into day and back again.” ~ really makes it clear…that whole circular thing, like seasons or yes, the sun re-appearing…there is great comfort in knowing these cycles, these disappearing and showing up again…just continue on. The moon face is wonderful, as are the earthy moons! Love you Jude.

  3. (((Jude))) the magic in your eclipse brings to mind this favourite line;
    “The compelling thing about making art … is the moment when the vaporous, insubstantial idea becomes a solid there, a thing, a substance in a world of substances.”
    Audrey Niffenegger ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ 2003 (p274)

  4. michielerelliott

    Feeling stuck, overwhelmed with ideas and underwhelmed with get up and go. Resting and encouraged as always by your work and words. Be well.

  5. I like that we don’t know if your moon is coming or going, fading or coming into focus? Thinking about metamorphosis lately, the balance of disappearing, appearing, reappearing…

      • Disappearing here … while at the same time reappearing in a place we can’t see. Appearing here … while disappearing in a place we can’t see. All One.

        So many beautiful places to rest one’s gaze on this Eclipse piece!

  6. snicklefritzin43

    Making sense, absolutely. Loved the words about leaving no trace…sometimes I believe that my journey these days is truly about just that. I make and do for me. The explorations bring satisfaction and another step in that direction. The half face on the moon is stunning, inspirational….love it

  7. Yvonne

    Makes perfect sense 👌
    I sometimes get so much more from listening to your thought processing.

    We had sunshine today after so many days of rain, it was such a mood lifter!

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