jude hill spirit cloth

Personal Order

maybe a face in the moon? I have a tendency to do that.

This one seems more of an intentional drawing rather than just what happened.

Order.  Personal Order, then Natural order.  All seemingly, over a lifetime of illusion, part of Chaos. Life forms. The tendency to make sense of it all.

Today I laughed while thinking about myself writing a book when I hardly ever read one.  Also I realize I might not really enjoy it.  The process.  Then while thinking back to how many times I've said it's not the thing it's the journey. And then asking myself what if writing a book has simply become a trend in the creative community?  And then, what if it is already written?  And read. Or being read.

Still there is a personal need to get through this. To compose my self. Selves.  The elusive composition.

I think  if I am to continue, it will be a process that might  make some old stuff disappear as some new form emerges.  This in itself might hold me to it.  The Magic in that.  A kind of transformation.

I spent some time to add some seeds. And  some old cloth the top and bottom edge here.  An old ikat scrap from making a pillow.  I looked at the fringe here as continuing like I always do  but jotted down some notes that included the words history and then roots, seeing them suddenly as the same thing as continuing.  And I thought again about weaving.  And how much the nature of a woven cloth has influenced my work.  And my thoughts about so many things.

So many seeds survived this weird winter.  Love in a mist returned.



  1. I feel like you could write an entire book around this piece alone … visible seams, nine, raw edge, paperless piecing, glue stitch, magic thread, shibori moon, wrapped edge, fringe, iconic forms, split back stitch, layer management, composition, colors, thread beads, story … oh good grief … I have learned so very much here, I am beside myself at the wonder of it all

  2. cednie

    I have a comment to make even though I’m reading this post late. If your book(s) came first, and a blog with your personal thoughts and photos came later, I would think I had died and gone to heaven. Your blog, and all that goes along with it, is really your magnum opus. A book would really be just a memorial, maybe like a project page. My two cents!

  3. Fumiko Wellington

    I love nigella and never thought about planting the seeds. What a beautiful color blue! I think I will try. I planted some topinambour (sunchokes) and they came up right away. I’m rich!
    Life behind the moon is also interesting. In that case, a face might not be needed.
    love, fumiko

    • jude

      I planted so many seeds I forget until they sudden appear as plants.
      The faces always appear when I see myself in the cloth.

  4. never heard of love in the mist untll i moved into this house 4 years ago. It was the one thing I originally loved. I have it everywhere. And now the yard is wonderful – less and less grass and more and more plantings. I’m even getting used to the inside.

    • Ginny Harris

      I must have missed some sharing in the comments section. You have been talking about writing a book this last 10 days. Do you have a publisher or are you self publishing?
      So happy to look forward to a real book. The web is so iffy. Hard to access. Lots of cool stuff passing by, but nothing to grab hold of and immerse yourself in or go back to to recheck a concept. I’m thrilled you are doing a book.

  5. snicklefritzin43

    Love in the mist has been a favorite of mine forever…fresh growing or dried..so delicate and beautiful

  6. Love in the mist…one of my grandfather plants. I think you are asking some important questions about books and the why. I suspect that it would be much easier to write a “how to make something like Jude would make” than the book than the book that would feel truly like yours and that no one else could write. 🙂 Much love….

  7. Blanca Oliva

    I would buy your book(s) as I buy art books to browse in when feeling sad or lonely. Gues you have enough stuff and thoughts for a pile of books but to sit down and editing is not easy

  8. the Being….love in the mist….this is just the kind of image that makes my heart pulse with
    amazement and love at the absolute astoundingness of this Earth planet….it’s crazy Beauty FULL Joy of
    an Occurrence of evolution

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