jude hill spirit cloth


You can really grow enough greens for 2 people in a very small space. I cut them young, sweeter, they grow back.

The new center brought this one to life

the pot and macramé hanger a hand made gift from my son and his wife right before we moved.  It was hanging in my old studio.

The Storm  was wild, but not here.  A bit of wind, distant thunder,  and then a slow cooling drizzle all night.  It was close to 90 yesterday, almost a 30 degree climb from the day before.  Power is out for some folks I hear,  but not here.  Things are growing and it is all very calming.  The mustard greens were glistening this morning, must have grown 3" overnight.   These are in the deck planter, which can feed us really.   There is a staging process for greens.  Cut them young for mildness and let them grow back. Also seed in between the rows to keep them coming.  Apparently the deer aren't much interested in them,  growing a lot of smelly stuff is my best bet.   I will try some down below in the raised beds and see what happens.

The cloth called GROW is a kind of teaching cloth for me somehow.  First off because it has brought the joy back to me after a few low months.  Maybe that would be the first thing I would like to say if I was planning to say stuff.  Do what you love or love what you do. Share the joy with others.  The joy that actually comes from you is the seed.  I found my starting point.


  1. Deb VZ

    I had grown bored with my stitching project and had set it aside. I finally was able to return to the clay studio at my community art center and something about playing with the clay again renewed my interest in my stitching project. My conclusion…my “creative” well was just bone dry after so much time in the same physical environment and so little outside interaction unrelated to work. Even a small change in routine can help refill it. I’m so glad you found renewed interest in GROW!

  2. When we had a bigger garden, farther from the house, we planted oregano all around it to keep the deer out. It worked. And because the area was so open, the rabbits were kept away by fear of hawks during the day and owls at night. Not as successful close to the house.

  3. I love the magic of sunlight through green growing leaves. The way the darker parts of the new center show up when backed by light. Today in these pics, light be the seed 🙂 Thanks Jude.

  4. Sharon Koch

    love, the true center. birthing joy, a seed planted in the lives of others. bringing strength to create. and recreate. this cloth and post radiate outward in all directions. a spirit song of celebration. x

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