jude hill spirit cloth

Circling Around

This garden has indeed become an endless patchwork

These pictures and text were cut and pasted from my old blog. Click to enlarge.  A post from around this time last year as I floundered around trying to hold  myself together, focused on larger cloth.  Now, I'm circling.   This is one of my  methods for reconsideration.

I laugh and think  I am circling a square

Today I am going to create a project page for GROW.  To gather it's story.  Because I am back in it.  Maybe it's the season.

Yesterday, this happened.

This is important. This center.

What if everything can be explained by everything else?


  1. Yes! Grow palette is lovely. I love how you put things together in a way I would never think of! My mind is spinning along with Grow. Does it help you to work on a round table? To see it growing in a way that a square is more static to work on? Just wondering. Maybe I need a round table – that is what I am thinking!

    • jude

      I like a round table. And this one is glass. It a 42″ glass round, the man used some old leftover 4 x 4s and 2x4s to make a frame with legs. I’ll take a picture… A round glass table is just great, easy to turn the cloth and the needle just glides through the cloth and slides easily from the glass back up. I find it just swell to work like this and soul-o just loves the tent it makes.

  2. This looks just right, a wonderful addition. But, I always feel that way…then you make a change and I think that one is just right too 🙂

    • jude

      Yes, like that but in the context of my book challenge, it takes another turn. I meant to talk today but the Man here was sleeping so happily. He is a night owl.

  3. Jen NyBlom

    the interconnectiveness of all things never ceases to amaze!!!
    I am very inspired by this picture of Grow.
    I think I hear my needle whispering my name……

    • jude

      It is a logical system based on leaning. And that is something I have yet to successfully explain, bit I am working on it.

  4. Carla

    I’m always intrigued about what grows at your house. I think whatever we make there is always a small piece of us that goes with it. I am so happy you are moving forward with your book.

  5. Judy

    Good Morning! I love seeing your photos…the little snipits of your comfortable and comforting spaces both inside and out. I’m looking forward to seeing how you use the GROW palette before you. Be well.

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