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Good Morning

Soul-o is the Garden Keeper and sometimes he keeps circling, chasing the squirrels away from digging there near the house

The Magic Circle formed after an early walk in the garden.

Continuing.  From here.  I made a circle using the Double Running Stitch aka the Magic  Stitch when it is done in black and white.  I think really I should rename it the Double Walking Stitch.  You have to go slowly.  And  there are more things to say.  But not today.  Loose thoughts are on my mind and then imaginings on how they might come together.  And then of course the question. What If it doesn't much matter?  Followed quickly by I think it is simply human nature to feel that things matter.

In terms of composition, forming a circle divides the existing space and forms a field of focus.  And forming a circle around something can be a simple reminder that it matters.



  1. In my head, it was Soul-o you had circled with the magic circle. I had to look again.

    I always just go as I go. If I try to go any other way, I end up not going at all. Sadly, I’ve only recently figured that out. But better late than never.

    I suspect your blog(s) will prove to be your first draft, so maybe it’s “merely” a matter of organizing and editing – expanding and cutting. But also, I don’t think this is going to be a simple how-to technique book. Most of what I’ve read here is about a lot more than cloth. Spirit Cloth is profound. Cloth as a metaphor. Not really “How to make a quilt.” It’s more your “This is how I make a quit and what it (process and result) means to me.”

  2. Carine

    Black & White, this is the Soul-O Circle! In all you create, there is Soul-O energy, that is what I have felt for years following you.

  3. Sharon Koch

    the phrase “herding cats” comes to mind. maybe the book could be renamed “project”. letting the magical, feathery thoughts fall as they may. in a circle, perhaps. no chapters. free flowing words… ha! “just share what moves through you”… 😀

  4. Jen NyBlom

    I work much the same way in the gardens. I just go as I go…what may seem like disorderly chaos to another, makes perfect sense to us, right? Or not…and that’s ok too.
    The bees, the birds, the dew on the newly formed petals still woo me…
    I’ll get back to stitching with needle and cloth, eventually
    In my mind, I weave magic circles around all the things that matter (to me)~~~~

  5. Valerianna Claff

    Go as you go… makes sense to me. Everything else might just be overthinking in the guise of plans. And life and plans, well, ha.

  6. janstevenson

    we gather things together, whatever seems important, and those ‘things’ give us the order. . .sometimes they even throw out what we thought was maybe important. your instincts for the gathering and for putting together are always sound. you have such a wealth of work over the years. . .since 2006. . .more documented than I’ve been able to do during the same time. there’s ample time to still make time, if that makes sense. love,

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