jude hill spirit cloth

Seeing Through

the silk made me do it

The silk caused me to consider becoming lighter. Without disappearing.

And then ask, "Where is the edge of me?"

Note:  Regarding yesterday's post. There is no list because there is no book. Yet. You know how slow I can go.  I would probably forget where I put the list anyway.


  1. Helen Lee

    Oh! HA! Got carried away there…flying with your loose pages. Whatever will be, I’ll be happy just to continue coming here ❤ My edges are so frayed I feel I’m going to fall off!
    This silk…..sigh.

  2. No list? Of course not! I’m laughing at how I get all wrapped up in the excitement and entertain the idea that you will suddenly, now, this time, do things differently!! lol Whatever happens when you do it your way, I’m skipping along behind you enjoying the discoveries, the ponderings, the beautiful views. Carry on.

  3. snicklefritzin43

    Another morning delightful read…seeing through – a concept now on my daily notes…how will i explore that concept? Thanks for the, once again, consideration of a possibility. Love your pages and sketches..so much a glimpse at what possibilities there are for just today…..and then maybe another day.

    • Caro

      I manage computer time only once a week at the moment,if even that. Spring, what can i say, the growing food has to be tended.
      So i read the whirl of booklist ect. and was very much wondering how that felt for you.
      Then the next post:
      Silk! So light. I was glad to see that!

  4. janstevenson

    regarding the list, it is like people trying to hold onto your edge. not only do you write the book, you have to carry them along as well. what if? they don’t like where it goes. going back a few days, I would hold onto the eclipse face. now you see her, now you don’t. I shall practice lightening the load of expectation. feel free to edit my comment though, Jude.

  5. debgorr

    Laughing…I think everyone was afraid of the “limited edition.” 🙂 I really like that question, about where the edges are. Back to thinking about permeable. What if our edges depend on what self we are considering?

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