jude hill spirit cloth

Playing with Time

One moment over another


Yesterday  I placed the SHELTER piece over the center of HEAL.

I always appreciate how a large cloth  might become a kind of home, for smaller cloth and even smaller thoughts.  If only for a moment.  I love the way , in this case,  something older or even beneath the surface might extend the story.  Here shelter grew arms.

We got our second dose  yesterday and I feel like I've been hit by a train.

I can't even bear the weight of a needle in my hand.

How different today seems now, glad to be alive and not worried about blogging or categories, what day it is or the bullshit we call News.

Looking forward to a long nap.

Maybe soup.  It's cold enough for soup. Spring went back into hiding.


I know my mother loved me and that has made a difference

Mom's Hands.


  1. I felt terrible after both doses. Your description of the train covers it very well. I got the second one last Sunday. And I’m still recovering. But it’s for a good cause. Hope it will protect me and others.

  2. Jenny

    Oh you poor thing. It does sound a crap day. I hope tomorrow and the next are better for you. UK news is also pointless and largely not even news.

  3. deemallon

    Hope tomorrow brings fresh energy. I love seeing you place one thing on another. They always fit don’t they ?

  4. Helen Lee

    Love the open arms of shelter…welcoming and comforting.
    Hope the effects wear off very soon.
    I know my mam loved me too. It means everything.

  5. Marti

    Your Mom’s hands, still hold you, still comfort, always give love.

    Naps, tea and soup- my favorite for this time of getting over feeling like being hit by a mack truck is red lentil soup with lemon, ginger and turmeric. Hopefully Jude you will be over this by tomorrow. My daughter, who lives in San Francisco, called this morning to send love. She got her 2nd Pfizer shot yesterday and was fine until late in the evening, ran a temp and felt totally flattened. This morning, drinking lots of chai tea that she happily puts fresh mint from a grocery sprig that she rooted and now fills a barrel, she said she is on the mend. Her twin sister who lives in the bay area got her 2nd shot on May 1st and it took a toll on her as well. She could barely make it to teach on Zoom. She also, along with her husband and our twin grand kids, once she was able to move again, told me that she found comfort in planting herbs, flowers and veggies. We turn to what makes us feel alive and heal and for my family and myself, it is what we can grow. This morning my special gifts were another lavender plant and a six pack of rainbow Swiss chard that I happily planted in containers this morning.

    My daughters and I did have a funny moment re the vaccine: Neitherr my husband or my daughter’s partner or my son in law, felt any effects of the 2nd dose…why is it that these men sailed thru this with nary a twinge…urgh! But then they all were great about keeping us hydrated and comfortable so there is that…

    For getting through this, I raise my cup of Irish tea and say, all will be well even if it takes a little longer than expected…

    • jude

      The Man has a sore arm only. I had everything. fever, chills, aches, pains, nausea, fatigue, sore arm, you name it. slept last night finally. better this morning.

  6. Enjoy the day of rest for what it is, a mere layering of ways to stay healthy. I love this big cloth with and without the sense of home. Home, where we make it, what we make of it. The colors are so soothing. Feel well soon. xo

  7. Rene Walkin

    Hi Jude-both doses knocked me for an absolute six! Fortunately, I was well prepared second time around-had my shot early evening and came home with nothing more to do than eat and go to bed for the night! feel better soon!

  8. Valerianna Claff

    Sunday is a good day for naps and soup, hope you feel better soon… spring sure is hiding, but thankfully, today we have sun here, adding warmth.

  9. Judy

    So beautiful. I’m inspired by your description of the large cloth becoming a home for the smaller cloth…my mind immediately went into ‘aha…I could do that with…’ and on it goes. Soup must be the universal healing food, it’s mine. Stay well and enjoy the antibodies (?) the mRNA is giving you. My turn in a couple of months.

  10. In the UK we have had a twelve week break between each shot – the second shot affected me much more strongly. We are being offered a third shot come the Autumn.
    It will pass.

  11. Sharon Koch

    thinking of the many ways we mother ‘n give birth to what is an extension of our selves. how that lives on after us. love expressed. can see that in the pic of your mother’s hands. a beautiful tribute. (((jude)))

    • vickiseastrom

      I too am struck by the mothering we give not only to our hand- and other work, but also to each other by sharing — our words, our stories, our support, our caring. Thank you all, and to you, Jude, for offering yourself work made visible in this space and time. I too was down for the count with shot #2 — the experts say (1) that’s a good thing, evidence the vaccine is working, and (2) women more than men are affected. Lots of fluids and rest got me through it pretty quicky, hoping the same for you!

  12. Yep, that second shot is a doozie, but then you come out the other side and feel a little safer from the nightmare that has had us in its grip for over a year. Soup and naps are good!

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