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How Fragile Everything Is

Passing through


I returned to a Yesterday's Self.  From here.  Removed the paper templates and traced them on to very thin cloth marked with plant dye and stitched them down. The cloth is very thin.  Fragile.  Which got me thinking.

What if I cut away behind the applique?

But I don't need to really,  the turned edge shows through and reveals the thinness.  Now, the concept of Yesterday's Self has reared it's head.  The thinness seems part of it. Maybe wear. And maybe tear.  Maybe memory.

I think about disappearing. I ask, why are we so afraid of that?

After all it is part of the Magic.

taped to a window

Soon, you might be able to see through me.

I looked at the pin holes.  I've used this self over and over.

The wishing self.

fringe revisited

I pulled some thread through. I think I might have to talk about this some other time. I love it.

I wonder how many times I can use these before they disappear...

No, it is not Wednesday.

And yes, I feel fine.


  1. Acey

    well it’s wednesday now. heh. i think about disappearing at least a couple times a day. It’s the most ambivalent thing about me, really. blogging… But, within that ambivalence and how long it’s been going on, it’s also probably one of the more consistent things about me as well. oh ha, as you’d say …

  2. Valerianna Claff

    Those thread-roots really do it for me… like the hair in a lot of my recent drawings, sensing antennae or, hmmm, energy fields, or, anyway, so alive

  3. It’s wonderful how the threads you pulled through contribute to a really dynamic image, they move and take the eye here and there. And I love the beasts soaring out and off into the ether.

    • jude

      it seems a more integrated symbol for continuing, the way just seem to sprout from here and there. weaving. weaving has returned to my thoughts in so many ways.

  4. Sharon Koch

    the lightness of this. floating beasts. untethered. passing thru… even the 9-patch grid appears to be floating in space. the black foundation, timelessness. ahhhh, that moon face. is it inked on?

    • jude

      it’s a very dark indigo with a lot of cat hair on it. and yes I draw faces on cloth, loose faces are always handy.

  5. Vanessa

    I to think of disappearing and wonder what will happen to my creations. Who will continue my musings of putting small things together in unmatched wonder?! Who will be for me??!! I enjoy your musings!!

    • jude

      It doesn’t matter for me. Leaving anything. If some of my thoughts have taken hold and become useful, that would be nice, But I think that is how it goes with mostly no names attached.

  6. it’s the threads pulled through…like how roots find their way through so many things, so many substances….roots
    are so undaunted by anything, they persist
    so it’s those threads i love so much this evening
    i don’t care much about disappearing or not. my sense of it is that i will keep on keeping on until i don’t. It
    won’t be a choice or a decision, it will just occur by the nature of stuff and how stuff goes
    i like very much that any day can be Wednesday

    • jude

      yes, those little thread like roots. I so love them. they seem to weave t rough anything. Sometimes you cannot figure out what they belong to but you just know it’s alive.

      I seriously find the disappearing part just fine and quite intriguing. Unfortunately I won’t be here to see it.

      I am almost losing the day idea.

  7. Cath

    Afraid of disappearing too. I have been thinking a lot about that… what will be left behind? who to leave it to? no children. Siblings. Nephews. Immigrant. Where will I go when I am alone? where is home?

    • jude

      Being a lone is another kind of fear. The safety thing I understand.
      The disappearing part has become more interesting now. Trying to imagine it, as in an image of not being. And also not leaving anything behind.

    • Deb VZ

      It’s odd…but I don’t worry so much about my disappearing but it bothers me tremendously that none of the next generation of my family have any memories of my mother (their grandmother) and that she will disappear once my siblings and I are gone. All my desires to “make” came through her and I have no children to pass it on to.

  8. Jana Jopson

    Let the light shine through! The beast motif — arriving, leaping, departing —feels joyful to me everytime I see it.

  9. I love this beast of you! The ‘fringe revisited’ made me think of big Macy’s balloons!! lol A parade of selves 🙂 haha I’m cracking myself up!!

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