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Yesterday and Today

Yesterday we travelled to get our first vaccine.  It was easy and swift. Today my arm is a bit sore. I am not one for getting vaccines.  I have never had a flu shot or any other shot as far as I might remember.  I , we all, have  choices in life. Mostly we act on our beliefs about health and well being, which we often accept as our "knowledge" through experience.  This is what we do. We are what we think and how we have lived. We adjust our actions around that and I do sense it is mostly with the best intentions.  To keep ourselves safe, to survive.  We do not always have to agree. Today I said to myself, this time, it wasn't just about meAnd that was the difference.

really, it was using one puzzle to solve another.

Today, I'm looking at what I did yesterday when I changed it up a bit.  Same basic sketch, but instead of skatching square by square over the sketch, I stitched a small 9 patch block because I have all these 1" puzzle pieces prepared from small cloth class and beyond because I always make them to have on hand. This time asking What If(?) I use already patched pieces as patches over the sketch.  I stitched the window dividers with a single black thread using a split backstitch.  I could have waited, but  I didn't.

not really darker, softer, yes?

Just now. I added a roof and filled in the backround, a sky of silk and a linen garden.  I put it in the dyepo(e)t to soak up a bit of tannin.  This was a longer cloth so I folded it.  The bottom section was pressed to the can.  More blackened.  Marks.  The top , just grayed.  What if I could work with that idea?  Knowing that.

Yesterday I felt a simplicity take hold. Today  I am complicating things again. Too many questions at once.  I have yet to fall into the rhythm I yearn for.  I am just here working on it.  Probably it just takes a lifetime.

Today I will call this Garden House.


  1. Fumiko Wellington

    We feel the same way about vaccines. I will have my first this week – Ever. I grew up in a time when everyone got mumps, measles and chicken pox. .
    I love the new house. Do you drop things in the dyepot without mordanting first? Or do you use dyes that don’t need a mordant?

  2. I had the vaccine a week ago, and I had some side effects.
    I love that your house has a garden.
    At the moment I’m staying in an apartment overlooking the sea. It’s in my home town. And being here makes me wonder whether I would miss my garden, if I had this view of the sea every day.

  3. I’m loving the neighborhood world that you’re making. This way of making a series makes much more sense to me… “and then” rather than “next”. I don’t know if that makes any sense? Still trying to get an appointment for my shot. Crossing fingers that this comment makes it through, some haven’t (or I just imagined writing them).

    • jude

      That makes sense.
      Appointments just opened up suddenly here.
      Your comments have come through on almost every post. I have responded. Sometimes you just have to come back in to see them.

  4. Dakotah

    Well that house and garden are adorable! I love the ombre effect you achieved with the can and will keep it in mind.
    My last vaccine was a flu shot in college nearly 30 years ago! It made me so sick I lost faith in them. But this new virus to me was significant and warranted a different approach. Also I really value what I learned about the benefits of wearing a mask!

  5. Jen NyBlom

    i am the center of my world, but not the center of the universe.
    As you said, it’s not “all about me”
    (i.e. same here, not a flu shot/off to the dr kinda a gal, but this i deemed important!)

    I love your ever-evolving process(es) here!!

    just finished my second house…a shelter from the storm (and the sun came out a bit today! Wheeeee!!)
    (will post on IG)

  6. Vicki

    Good Morning Jude, haven’t had any shots yet, apparently I am not old or infirm enough to make the list yet which is kind of nice for my ego lol but I will be there with bells on as soon as I am eligible. Never has a flu shot before either but as you say..”its not only about me”
    Please can you tell me more about the perpetual dyepo(e)t ! I want one. Is there a link to information?
    Thanks again for inspiring my day

  7. cednie

    Simplicity… yes. I think I should make myself some more one-inch squares for awhile to reset. Things are getting out of hand, and there’s suddenly a lot of gardening to do, and traveling is becoming an option (ugh).

  8. Sandi

    I had a few hours of fever and chills after the second shot. It passed quickly and I have been fine since. So worth it. Loving your little houses and that you are writing each day.

  9. Kathy Edder

    This is wonderful! I love the moon in the sky. ♥ It reminds me of Masahide’s comment: “Barn’s burnt down now I can see the moon.” Thank you for sharing your work and your process.

  10. Caro

    What if…..everybody would look at that thought “its not only about me”…..and act on it the best they can….wow.
    The dyed cloth looks like the time of day when you call it a day.
    I really like that!

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