jude hill spirit cloth


community is like patchwork, in perspective.

All together.  Now, just for the touching.  What If(?) a series is just the answers to a string of questions.  A string is a thread really...

So Then, What If(?) we are home when everyone else is home. A puzzle where every stray piece has found a place.

There is a cloth called HOME.  And the story is on TypePad.  So much work to do to move things to a safe place.

there are a million goldfinches here.


  1. I love the goldfinches. When I lived n Virginia we had lots and lots of them. They loved my coneflowers. I don’t remember seeing any here. Maybe because I have a hard time growing coneflowers here. (Gonna try ’em in pots, next.)

  2. i’m so at a loss for what to say and how to say that if i can get there….but can say…What If? What If?
    such an honest question. Love to your Place

  3. I’m loving how this is developing. I also hopped over to Typepad and wandered through ‘a cloth called HOME’ finding more than your beautiful pieces from the feather project. I found the embodiment of Jude. The embodiment of everything that makes up your ethos. And that everything is truly home. Truly your ‘community’ of stitch. The gently loved pieces that make up home. That make up you. Thank you.

  4. snicklefritzin43

    this growing neighborhood is pure delight! Finding home, creating home…just going…your journey continues to unfold in such good ways. The return of such beautiful birds to the feeders is always a delight for my spirit…love the metal arm that holds your feeder…looking now for one so the squirrels might not be such a problem here

  5. So much work to do, to move everyone into a safe place. I woke up thinking of Wendy, must have been listening to you in my dreams. Beautiful community that you’ve built- in cloth & life.

  6. Diane

    Beautiful big spring bears have already sauntered through our yard..we live in a city, in the downtown suburbs….and destroyed our feeders. Hungry after a long sleep. We will put out more and remember to bring them in overnight, (feeders, not bears lol). Love your little neighbourhood houses…who lives there, and on what do they focus their thoughts.

    • jude

      Only saw one bear here so far. But the deer seem to like the feeders too.
      These days i wish there was more focus on community.

  7. Our European goldfinches are a little different from yours, they have a bold red in the area of their beaks. Hello from ours to yours.
    The homes are close to one another – I like that.

  8. Jen NyBlom

    A community of like-minded hearts. Home as Haven.
    Love what is happening here with these houses….moving.
    And the what-ifs that thought brings.
    Such vibrant birds in a soon to awaken landscape! Beauty is everywhere!

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