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Let it be known

In the spring of 2021

Redbud is abloomin'

We get our first vaccine doses today.  We have to drive a distance because here in "Nowheresville"  there's nothing happening. Sometimes that can be a good thing, sometimes not.

So Hey Ho, be kind.   That's enough.


  1. Yay! Had my second two weeks ago and it knocked me for a loop for three days! I haven’t been sick with even a cold for over three years so I was quite surprised. I do hope none of you have side effects because it makes me really NOT want to take a chance to get the real COVID. Although my daughter advises me it would be much better having had the vaccine and the vaccine did its job in my body. Also makes me realize that I probably had not been exposed to the virus since I had such a reaction because you wonder all the time ???? did I have it and not even know it??!! So rest and drink fluids – Tylenol works better than Advil in this situation. ❤️😏

  2. Dakotah

    Hey congrats! I get my 2nd this week and drive 45 minutes for it. No biggie. And I just made a new mask. I will wear one from now on in public especially winter as I did not get cold or flu or rona! this year. And yeah a funny thing was watching so many people freak out about being home a lot since I am home all the time!!!

  3. There’s a certain excitement that surrounds one who has received the vaccine, even at just the first dose. Happy dance needed! Pleased that you were able to get the first dose.

  4. I had my second dose this last week and am endlessly grateful for the free health care I get here in the UK. Vaccination isn’t a guarantee of 100% protection and we still need to be careful so i shall make some more masks! I hope you have little or no side-effects.

  5. Good news! 🙂 I am fully vaccinated now and kind of struggling with it. I’ve been home so much and now it seems possible to go and yet it isn’t really advised because being vaccinated isn’t a “get out of jail free” card and numbers are rising again and there is a large part of me that always wants to stay home anyway. And there you go…a messy emotional space. It will sort itself out though….

    • My position exactly! Protected somewhat and have been in isolation so long, it feels strange venturing out. I’m an introvert so the staying home is fine. Fear and unknowing seem to have taken hold.

  6. cednie

    That’s good! I am two weeks out from second one April 2. I should feel safer, but still uneasiness lingers…for humanity, I think…

  7. Jen NyBlom

    Safe travels and Hurrah! We await our second on May 4 (we also had to travel tho not too far) Spring (& Hope) is abloom!
    Stay well! xoxo

  8. Judy

    First shot here in Nova Scotia as well! And spring has sprung although it’s cold, grey and wet these days. Happy stitching all…

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