jude hill spirit cloth

Simple Being Here

March Moon over Putnam Valley

Yesterday's moon was simply spectacular.

A little long cloth

This morning I added a backing layer to this PathWorkCobbleCloth from yesterday, and I really wanted to do a video and talk, but the wind was so high, we were on a bit of an alert. And I just cobbled between trips outside to secure things that kept blowing away or over. Expecting the power to go down but it didn't.

Simple. Again. I think I get that from my mother and I love her for that.

There are so many ways to patch/hold things together. I guess I was really simply going to say that. I feel a lightness about everything. Even darkness.  I like that. simpler


And the garlic's up. A gift from my botanist brother out in Idaho, several varieties from his garden to mine.  They say deer don't like garlic much. We'll see.

I pulled a name from the Basket for yesterday's shop game.  If it's you, you should receive an email soon enough. Thanks, as always, for playing!


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  2. Sharon Koch

    the moon revolving around us, as we revolve around the sun is comforting to me. a night light. listening to you describe your process is one of my favorite things in life. and then reading what other ragmates have to say. very cozy. x

  3. Such a gorgeous moon photo! Love the fabric, perfect for this house – now…how it speaks of spring, like it was just burried in the fabrics all of these years waiting to bloom! And the sun-moon, love that. xo

  4. Jen NyBlom

    A big idea, so simple.

    Sometimes, it’s the “play”, the doodling, that brings us the most easy joy.
    No agenda, just easy fun.

    I love that.

  5. Laura

    I know yours never stay simple! I feel like your thoughts and stories lead us on unexpected paths, and leave us with others that we can explore. And, I love your moons. One of my favorite things in the world is to wake in the night surrounded by moonshine.

  6. Yvonne

    Simplicity is perfect in your little long cloth ….it’s beautiful. I love your style of work and piecing.
    In my younger years I was a nanny and in the large grounds of the estate where I would walk with the pram there was woodland all around and wild garlic grew in abundance…it was lovely a nice memory for me today when you mentioned growing some, I hope its successful.

  7. Thanks for sharing how you cobbled this one together. I love hearing the fabric history and your thought process. I don’t do much cobbling but maybe I will… And since I have been doing more dyeing than stitching, I like to hear that too. How you use the dyes so eloquently. And that green “hug”…. ❤️. Moonrise is always a little mysterious.

    • jude

      I often overlook the simple parts of composition. and I think as the warmer weather moves in I will just sit on the porch and talk my way through a few things in more detail. real time.

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