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Not Afraid

Yesterday's Self  Was Not Afraid of the Dark.  This one just happened.  But then not really.  And that is what is on my mind today.  The span of composition  is way bigger than what is right in front of you.  That is what makes creativity such a puzzle.  What appeared in the darkness overhead is interesting here.  It is a form of what I have been calling ghosting.  The square, prepared puzzle style, a while back.  Just  a 1 and 3/4" square, made for Holding Pattern but never used. But it still holds the pattern. The intention. The potential.  The thought. Right?  So although ghosting has been presented a patch and stitch technique, I would like to expand it to explain how it links past an the present and the future into new form.  How big it really is. Can be.

not afraid among waves

not afraid of changing direction

I placed Not Afraid over a couple of pieces here.  Separate thoughts can cross over.  In this way, they never end.  I take photos of these in between moments to understand the importance of the spaces between the pieces of the BiggerPuzzle.  I ghost stitch them together, if only in my mind. 

It looks like rain.


  1. The beast, going against the grain 🙂 and the tiny belly threads, not quite fringe, of the beast’s saddle blanket. I think I am lovin’ this particular beast! Hi Soul-O!

  2. Sharon Koch

    a square from holding pattern, landing like a wind-blown seed, taking root in the open space of not afraid. “just growing”…

  3. sarita in oregon

    Too much space on my end, and tring to avoid the beasts is full on.
    Love these Jude. Not able to get online very often anymore, but when I am able, I stop first at your place. Your words, and work bring me comfort.
    I miss stitching..😪

  4. Pam S.

    Too many ideas brewing in my head! …. can’t wait to finish the quilt I’m working on.
    Did you make a template of the beast out of wood to get that on fabric?

  5. the between moments, the spaces

    the beast could not have returned at a more perfect time, but then, that’s how it is, how it
    if we let it
    BIG Love…..

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