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101 Redux

Just talking while going.

Which is the best path for me?  Repeating myself or not. I'm generally thinking that to go back to the basics and sort of talk about technique again is sort of guide for me now to fill in the gaps in the Methods Index here.  Because it has been so long, things have changed, things have been learned.  Considered.  Reconsidered.  Even forgotten. And this invisible baste now aka glue stitching... there is something to say, each time I am there. Doing it. Saying things again and again, well, it refines it.

This little long cloth is about 5" x 11" now after I added the blue flannel behind it.  The same cloth, coincidentally, that I used on the other side of a cloth I call Coma.  What was left from that.  But I will bring that cloth's story here soon.


So I guess I am slowing down in a way. I did stitch a bit on this.  The baste.  And then tacked the golden thread in place.  But then I wished I had talked while I was doing that. Because there was stuff to say.  Taking for granted that we know what's happening can be so misleading. Just like assuming that things are clear when they haven't been said.

Some folks are more comfortable with not saying.  Let everyone see it and understand it how they may.  I've always said to myself, "I don't know."

Maybe that's why there are so many questions.  Missing pieces.  Because we are all part of the puzzle.  No matter how small a piece we seem to be.


  1. Hilde

    everything blends in vvonderfully:the patches the story, the subject, your process of thought, the VVandering… It’s a cloth of mending, saving, reuse, and the thoughtful use of fringe. The result is multi-layered, soft, functional and very, very endearing.

  2. Jen NyBlom

    It’s nice to be a piece of the puzzle…
    and like others, time spent with you (however virtually) is some of the best time, Jude.
    –and how did I ever get along without that magical glue stitch!?

  3. This stitch is used almost every day, just love it. I think I was stitching by a campfire the first time I tried it, remember how the cloths melted together… As for saying or not, if you feel like it, folks can read/listen or not. Sometimes I think/feel about your photos for a bit before reading or listening, then add in your words… appreciating all of the layers coming together.

  4. Sharon Koch

    when we review a thing, we re-view it. new eyes. you could describe glue stitching 20 times and each time would be a fresh perspective. i’ve come to the realization that no matter what you’re sharing, all of us just like spending time with u! ha! x

  5. snicklefritzin43

    So often your words and pictures find a deep place in my soul and just snuggle in there and come to life over and over for me to remember and wrap comfortably around me. Today’s words, “Maybe that’s why there are so many questions. Missing pieces. Because we are all part of the puzzle. No matter how small a piece we seem to be” are just some of those words that I know will be lasting for a long time in my soul.
    Thank you.

  6. Dale Odberg

    Thank you Jude, every encouraging. I like the board idea. I have a large velveteen covered pillow that I put on my lap, might also find a nice board too.

    • jude

      old gameboards like this are great, you can even glue the folding cardboard kind to a piece of sturdy board or wood. I like having the grid of the checkerboard.

  7. gaile

    It’s a beautiful experience, listening to the gentle tone of your voice and seeing the slow stitching of your hands. My blood pressure must drop by 10 points at least! I’ve followed you from the beginning (the quilt for a friend and the tree house) that’s what my brain is telling me right now, memory can be tricky. Anyway, you touch my heart, Jude. You always have. ♥️

  8. invisible baste…….my true love. How so completely magic a Thing for me, how i was mesmerized when
    you taught it the first time i was aware and how now, it seems that EVERYTHING, Life itself is an
    Opportunity for invisible baste….the depth of that, how it goes on revealing that depth as you go

  9. Repeating is good, for the refinement and because everyone’s timeline is different. Saying or not saying, I think it depends on the type of learner. Learning styles are interesting. 🙂

    • Jana Jopson

      Many times I’ve seen a simple stitch piece, but still could not discern how the end result was brought about. No further word offered. That’s okay. But when an approach or technique is shared, I marvel and appreciate, and those feelings go from me to the creator.

      Audio + video = my favorite learning style if it can’t be in person.

    • A wise teacher once told me that our learning is a spiral, not a circle. We come around to the same place, but each time we move past that place and upward in our understanding and learning, insights about the issue.
      I think I may need to do a spiral piece….hmm

  10. I looked back at a patch I made five years ago … a wine glass … and now I wish I had written more about how I did it, because it’s not clear how it was done just by looking at it, although I’m sure I thought it was crystal clear at the time (!)

    so yes please … more is more … and something worth knowing is well worth repeating

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