jude hill spirit cloth

Coma Language

Coma. The quilt I call that.  I washed it.   You probably saw it flying, while drying, over at Instagram if you follow me there.  Because I had my phone in my  pocket at the moment. Just to bring it here. A large cloth that I have decided to complete as a sleeping bag.  Suddenly that made sense.

This side, let's call it the real side. It is quite amazing. It's a map that I think only I might understand.  I will continue to work on it.  I was planning to talk but I will not talk about this cloth anymore.    Because it is now about something unsayable.  And has cleared a path for new work.


  1. Wendy

    This cloth has an earthiness about it. To be wrapped in this cocoon of lovely stitch, would bring about a very peaceful rest. I could daydream for hours wrapped up in this wrapping cloth and know that much love and thought went into it. Actually, it reminds me of a great big bear hug that my dad used to give before he passed.

  2. A sleeping bag is a great idea and I really do think that there is a point where we just don’t have to say. Some things need to be left a mystery. 🙂

  3. Coma as a personal map, yet has it always been so? To be a holding cloth that becomes a way to hold in a new way…this is so you, working with new eyes. Big Love to you.

  4. Brenda

    I’ve been watching your 101 videos and it all seems so simple – simple stitches simply placed. Yet you have created this from it. It’s magic. I am slowly learning to stitch, but I still need to figure how to stitch myself into it

  5. Sandra

    Coma is very beautiful. I wanted to put the name into search and read every word about how it started and how it was made. I also was thrilled to look through Flicker, and want to come back to it and admire your works even more, to study. Thanks so much! Coma all by itself could be a book.

  6. To echo JanStevenson … “These things we work on” … they work on us is the real spin. What comes through hands from heart and from The Beyond make their way across the “wily border” from unseen into seen and then it’s up to us learn to read the cipher. It’s all there. Coma is a beauty … is it a moon-induced coma? (smile) Sweet dreams only in that sleeping bag.

  7. Brinda Callahan

    Amazing. I’m also digging out old projects that have stories in them. Thanks so much fir sharing your beautiful work and thoughts.

  8. janstevenson

    these things we work on. isn’t it interesting what they have to tell us so long after completion. things we weren’t aware of at the time. how they fill in the picture. love the idea of a sleeping bag.

  9. Carol

    That is the thing about working on your project with your whole self a very personal revelation can sometime come along and open a new pathway. I hope this revelation is one that has opened up something that has been sitting with you for a while now has been made manifest!!

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