Feel Free

Coma Language

Coma. The quilt I call that.  I washed it.   You probably saw it flying, while drying, over at Instagram if you follow me there.  Because I had my phone in my  pocket at the moment. Just to bring it here. A large cloth that I have decided to complete as a sleeping bag.  Suddenly that made sense.

This side, let's call it the real side. It is quite amazing. It's a map that I think only I might understand.  I will continue to work on it.  I was planning to talk but I will not talk about this cloth anymore.    Because it is now about something unsayable.  And has cleared a path for new work.


  1. Wendy

    This cloth has an earthiness about it. To be wrapped in this cocoon of lovely stitch, would bring about a very peaceful rest. I could daydream for hours wrapped up in this wrapping cloth and know that much love and thought went into it. Actually, it reminds me of a great big bear hug that my dad used to give before he passed.

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