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Journal February 20th 2021

through a dirty window

I didn't really see it when I took the picture, the light was so bright. I was so happy to see the sun.  But the layer that the dirty window offered to the image.  I think the circular motion of cleaning, or trying to clean the window from the outside. The leftover smearing.  How wonderful.

while Just Becoming

And it reminded me that I had not commented on this stage of the Skitch-Skatchery I was working on without saying too much.  How much I liked it just like this.  With the sheer layer just flowing and making the whole thing so much about something dreamlike.

thin cloth as a layer

The cloth, some old silk chiffon scarf.  Thin cloth, Translucent. Free.  How much there is to say about this cloth and the kind of layer it forms.  How it might be like watercolor painting. Layers. And how close that is to me as I look back at my illustration years.  How this might be a great starting point for my crossover adventure between paper and cloth. And weave since most cloth holds weave in it's very nature.

A most unusual rabbit

Way back, before I even named it Skitch Skatch.  2009. Based on one of my old illustrations. Yet some of you are still here.  As the story continues. There is so much to say about this technique, I could have put together a little class just about that.  Probably though, a category here, and then a way to find what I happen to say about it will be just fine.

Because I am slowing down.  Nothing to gain and nothing to lose.  As always, simply finding joy in the images that form, as they form.  Living in them.  Now rocking between paper and cloth.  As I dreamed I could.

Yesterday was a swell day and I thank you for all your Birthday wishes. It snowed all day and didn't amount to much.  The sun is out and I can feel spring coming. I really can.

I left most of my houseplants behind when we moved. The new owners, a younger couple, they loved the plants,  They contacted me to ask how they might care for them. That comforted me. And I had to start over here.  And  it's going.  But I need more windows.  In the spring maybe,  More windows. Or maybe it's ok.  Today is beautiful enough, let's not rush. Today is a new window.


  1. Janet

    The rabbit, that rabbit, that rabbit – it is incredibly beautiful with the colors and shape and head position!!! Oh my gosh!!! I love it! I hope someday all of your writing and pictures will be available in a book – one for each year. I’d buy them all!!!! Love on your birthday and throughout the whole year! 💙💙🎂🍰🧵🪡💙💙

  2. Stacey Sellers

    Happy belated birthday, Jude.
    Interesting, I was just admiring (and wondering about) rabbit last week and here you are talking about him. Would love to hear more. Thank you for giving us a peek into your world, it is truly amazing.

  3. Catching up after six days with no power. I read and I stitched, with the help of lighted magnifier glasses and the battery lantern.

    A belated Happy Birthday!

    Personal symbols: I don’t know that I have any. Is that odd? I guess I just never thought about it before. I have certain creatures that I relate to, like cats ‘n’ dragons ‘n’ elephants. And I relate to earth and wind. And hearts. Trees. Maybe these are my symbols. Much pondering to do on this subject.

    Skitch Skatch!! It sounded interesting from the pop-up, but when I saw the rabbit . . . !!!! This is one of the things I was looking for when I started searching the internet in 2009 or so, that has led me to oh so many wonderful stitch adventures (including Spirit Cloth). I cannot draw/sketch as you do. With effort I can copy/sketch something, but I’ve never been able to draw what is in my head. I have so many pictures (stories?) in my head! And I have been trying to create them in fabric and embellishment (textile mixed media) with limited success. I’ll be looking for everything Skitch Skatch on both your sites and pay very close attention to what you have to say in upcoming posts.

  4. Lynne R. Sward

    Hi Jude,,,not sure if you got my B-Day wishes,,,so I’ll try again,,,I wish you not only a “Happy Birthday”, but also a HEALTHY one as well. I so enjoy all reading all of the above comments,,,You are one of finest artists I know, and I’m happy to be a recipient of viewing your work, and your mail,,,,Distance Hugs,,,Lynne R. Sward

  5. Jan Voss

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I celebrate your birth, and am grateful for the thoughts and images you share with us here.

    Many beautiful ponderings.


  6. snicklefritzin43

    Looking through the layers, clearing away the cloudy stuff or just waiting for light to be brighter….so much a picture of the journey to clearness in life, in creating. Many thanks for your insights, thoughts, continual growing and glowing..

  7. Peggy McG

    So glad to read this today.. Happy Belated Birthday.. you have so much to share. It is wonderful to look Thru filters and see much more beauty!

  8. I think of it as the “dirty window filter.” I am not so good at washing windows. 🙂 Beautiful pink sky right now, it’s just sunrise. And I think of that rabbit off an on.

  9. Victoria

    You’re right spring is coming! I counted out the days and official spring arrives in just 28 days!!! Yea! Hard to imagine with all this snow sitting around outside my window. Daylight Savings Time comes even earlier. More sunlight better! I’m so looking forward to letting the plants that I overwinter out into the wild world yet again.

  10. Jana Jopson

    I see magic and poetry here today. A melding into the nature of things. I am fed. And, I confess, a fleeting sense of loss for the years I didn’t know you were here. So. Glad to be here now.

  11. Jen NyBlom

    This morning, as I tried to get a clearer view of a bluebird twittering on the patio–I realized my windows are dirty too…I can now see that with all the SUNLIGHT Streaming In! Yiipppeeeeee!! Spring IS coming…more sunlight! (More windows!) More plants! What a burden lifted—
    I’m SO Glad you had a lovely birthday!

  12. that rabbit in skitch-skatch….i hve to go see more. Love it! Collage with material. I can’t do animals like that paper or material but I want to learn how to “see” so I can.

  13. Pam S.

    Sun finally peaked out here yesterday afternoon! 🌞My head feels clearer …Even with dirty windows 😁 Love to see your creations 💙 always uplifting!

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