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Journal February 21st 2021

From the archives

I found the original artwork for the Most Unusual (Skitch Skatch) Rabbit. 1971? I am noticing how I ultimately used a lot of my drawing style, that is how it informed my cloth work.  You see I am interested in crossover, not really mixed media.  I always divided my backgrounds into "patches" of color.  The base layer.  And the dots, stippling, became the thread beads.

I am not sure how to Be Here at this point.  Is "Cloth Whispering" going to fit to my path?

The deeper Heart

Yesterday's Heart. ( a daily routine lately)

Note to self...My Heart is Deep.  But I can make you a map.


Evolution may be the nature of Reconsidering.


  1. So interesting to see how the illustration of the rabbit has become how you work in cloth – even the background! I love it! Love this rabbit – just makes me smile. We have evidence of a rabbit in our new backyard but I haven’t seen it yet. need to go out in the quiet of the morning without the dog to see it I think!

  2. don’t know if this comment will take….but just now, in rereading this post for the umteenth time,
    What might it be like to draw a Cloth? what would transfer, eye to hand to brain if it went in that
    direction? i have a cloth Cloth here, and next to it a Cloth with graphite and then a third of
    just a graphite drawing. thinking what is in common, and i wouldn’t know really, until i try
    drawing the cloth Cloth

  3. isn’t it grand how our center stays the same while all else goes whirling about searching for the right point of integration…this is my favorite part of aging. Really getting that piece of life without feeling like I have to “some” something, somehow…

  4. roslyn cook

    Love the rabbit. I am starting to work in bigger cloth and how to put together the colours. I like the idea of thinking of it as a painting. Thank you

  5. wow – the sketch to the actual – both are amazing! Love seeing that. I do it for my bigger pieces and love seeing the results but mostly I work off the cuff on everything I do. Love watching your process! and that you still have that sketch.

  6. Sharon Koch

    love seeing what we’ve created in the past through the eyes of the present. when i was younger, it embarrassed me. now it gives me joy…

  7. Thank you for this, Jude. It explains to me how to differentiate adding stitching lines vs. adding dots for image enhancement. I understood there was a difference but didn’t understand it well enough to use these for the best purpose. I would love to order a set of your drawings as note cards, by the way …. ??

    You also mentioned something on IG recently about reaching across techniques and methods, vs. thinking in terms of mixed media as a method. I try to find ways to do the same, either to merge techniques or more often merely re-interpret an idea or image in order to use a method of working with thread and cloth that appeals to me at the moment.

    Thanks for all your inspiration. And Happy Birthday.

    • jude

      I did have some cards printed a while back as a test, but never did pursue it.
      I.ve been rocking back and forth between paper and cloth for a while, all the while considering how medium affects image and how it forms.

  8. Laura

    Enjoying your thoughts on a map into the depth of someone’s heart. So many paths one can make/take in one’s life!

    I have always loved that beautiful hare, and the painting you made of the beast island smiling at the little boat.

  9. Audrey

    What a wonderful 50 year old rabbit….. and you were 20 !
    Mr. Rabbit and you are just as alive today as when you first made him come to life.

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