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Journal February 22nd 2021

Us...as beads

Paper mache has been brewing for a while.



Yeah, so... just some paper stuff  that has caught my attention lately.  For no clear reason.

Honestly I am going through the boxes of paper stuff I brought here.  Just to review a lot of stored thoughts, I guess because I feel like they have been waiting. Just paper stuff.

Not Cloth.

Shall we dance?

I was playing with paper folding earlier this year.

I am going through the paper stuff , not because I want to switch to paper.  Because there is a lot of love there too. And I am reconsidering the relationship between paper works and cloth works.  Where they fit in my creative life.  And then, I have a lot of paper here.  Scraps of PaperSelf.   I am not going to stitch paper.  I don't enjoy the sound it makes, or the feel of the process.  I have never really documented my time with paper. I am making a note of that.  If I work on paper now, it will be informed by all the time I have spent with cloth.  But it will be just paper.  This is something I would like to see. What happened to my approach to paper after all this time?  So now, it's like two Selves dancing.  Connected  while going with the flowing.

A Heart of Gold


Yesterday's Heart. ( a daily routine lately)

almost broke in two.
Hearts of Gold
take a lot of maintenance.
Note to self...
Keep your needles threaded.

Posting a bit late today because there were errands to run. Yes, we are snowed in again.


  1. Rene Walkin

    Toyota land Cruisers are what Africa lives on! They never wear out. You see them even in remote areas-still going strong after long years of work. You sure do have snow!

    • jude

      Yeah the old cruiser belongs to my son. Car sitting. From japan, steering wheel on the right side. We do need 4WD, we still have an old audi convertible AWD, and it actually has been ok. We bought it used after our jeep died a few years ago. The road in is a bitch tho, real steep.

      • Jenny

        That heart of gold is a real stunner! Love it.
        But paper. And cloth.
        You can stitch cloth, bondaweb it to paper and voila, it stands up! Like your folded people. I’m imagining your trees and catselfs all standing up!!!

  2. Jen NyBlom

    I woke up this morning from a dream that I was stitching on my blue sweatshirt and you were walking up to tell me something…but I woke up, so I don’t know what it was. Do you?

  3. hmmm there are some clothy papers, which might make you happy–they make me happy. and sewing paper on paper is very god. but i’m biased as you know. maybe even on the bias. who the hell knows?! anyway I like that you’re thinking paper. your drawing loves paper

    • jude

      Some paper is like cloth, maybe if I didnt know it was paper. It’s interesting how I need to separate them. Maybe it’s a functional thing. Medium is so personal really. It has meaning when it is tied to your voice.

    • jude

      Yeah, I dont like the crunchy quality for stitch , there are some papery cloths too, I don’t enjoy them either. The only sewing of paper that might interest me is book binding.

  4. Victoria Fickel

    Spring is around the corner. Hopefully, very close around the corner. Then we can all remember how pretty the snow was, but we can get out and do other things that need doing.

    Thank you, Jude, for making me think of things I forgot to think of.

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