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Journal February 19th 2021

Notes to self

Just Becoming

Today I am 70, and dusty

The Moon became a basket

I just went along without saying to see what would happen. I will say more some other time. It's snowing again. Big storybook style flakes. I will build a fire, stitch some new eyes, finish straightening out the categories here, make a pizza  and maybe even have a glass of wine.  But maybe not.  I am renewed and ready to begin again.


  1. A very happy birthday dear Jude! May the new year of your life continues to be filled with joy, happiness a d love for the beautiful stitching you do. I was very touched by the words you wrote in the diary… without the date… With love and peace from Cornwall, uk, Brigitte 🌸

  2. Fumiko Wellington

    Dear Jude, I wish you a very happy birthday. You certainly make me happy every day that I hear from you or see your work. A little dust is okay as long as you’re not allergic. Big love and light xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Happy birthday to you, Jude, on this the recognition of your seventy years around the sun! Your’e looking good! May you be blessed with baskets, nine patches, moons and an endless supply of threads. Blessings.

  4. You look radiant on your 70th birthday. Congratulations. You’ve had a hard couple of years with your move, Covid and political unrest. Your work will be richer. I think you have a lot of blogging left yet!

  5. Anne Kasten

    cranking up to that particular birthday is a tough one.
    but then the next morning you realize you are the same person
    but a day wiser
    and far less susceptible to doubts.

    Hooray for Jude!

  6. Carol

    It’s wonderful to hear that you are feeling more renewed and I’m so happy for you. I await another installment of your journey after renewal.
    All the very best.

  7. Cath

    🌞🌛Happy Birthday Jude, 🥳 You are so beautiful at 70! 🌸
    I rejoin you in taking joy in the process. Once upon a time I was an architect and I was always entranced during the design process phase of each project, a bit sad when it was all done. Later I taught architecture and I perpetually lived in the joyous world of my students projects, a world full of possibilities and what ifs.

  8. SusanMerrie

    Big, Bold, Bright, Beautiful, Bountiful Birthday Blessings. You are a beacon of self-discovery to me. I will be joining you in the 70’s club this May 15th.

  9. Barbara Mcdaniel

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDE…..much love and light and joy blessings upon you. Today and everyday…you share a birthday with my son…creativity and intelligence and a strong will are some of your many blessings. Thank you💚🌈🥳💚

  10. Marianne M Garrity

    I too am a pizza woman. A glass of wine sounds well deserved and fun. You are a gift to us all—on your birthday and always.

  11. Lynda Merry

    happy birthday jude.
    your day is the same day as my mom, who followed you through me. today I’ll think about and honor that for your shared birth day – “movement through”. you have always been the best explainer of that with your work and words…💕

  12. Have a wonderful birthday. I did this experiece 2 years ago and it scared me somehow to see this 7! But now I‘m used to it and it still looks a long way to the 8!!

  13. Marti

    Roots of your cloth tree, moving over the edge, a lifetime anchored but also flowing, moving toward whatever matters…that is how we go, embracing each birthday, each decade, just going…pizza and wine are good ways to celebrate this day of your birth. I have cranked up one of my Celia Cruz’s salsa songs and have danced in your honor…she always shouted out Azucar when she began her concerts, Azucar the Spanish word for sugar…so along with your savory, may you have a bit of sweet to this day of your birth as well as a dance or two…Feliz Cumpleanos.

  14. amaranda de jong

    YAY happy birthday Jude X ( my god still crossing legs and sitting on floors at 70 be PROUD girl, have a lovely day with the man and soulo )

  15. Tammy Godwin

    Happy Birthday Jude!! You look fantastic, and your work is just as beautiful. Thank you for your blog/electronic communications – they are a feast for the eye and the spirit. Long may you stay inspired!

  16. Julie

    The moon basket is so lovely. The light in it! Renewed sounds good! Looking forward to joining along with your new beginnings. Enjoy your birthday pizza and (possibly) wine xx

  17. Patricia

    Happy Birthday, Jude! I agree, sometimes (often?) the creative process holds much more beauty than the final product. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings!

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