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Journal February 16th 2021

Just to be here folks.  To say a few things.  Connect some dots.  I am about to begin again.  Here. Because it seems to be OK.  That being said, I did run into some issues yesterday, but the help here is good and the problem was resolved.  Since I started this as a supplement to Spirit Cloth, I have some cleaning up to do to make the Journal part work with categories etc.  So I am doing that.  Please note, since some folks were confused... this site is clothwhispering.com, in case you get mail from there, it's me.

I will be leaving the Spirit Cloth blog intact for now.  So much to connect to over there, it will take time.  I will make the navigation cleaner and simplify the design a bit in the next few days. To keep it useful.  Your kind donations will allow me to maintain both places for now.

Soul-o and the woodpecker

Soul-o has a new friend.  Some seeds from the feeder fall into the outside ledge of the window near the kitchen.  This little downy woodpecker comes to the ledge each morning.  Soul-o waits.  They both seem very calm about it now.  Watching each other.  Some sort of remote friendship.   The pic is very small because I took it from far away and had to crop it...

My Heart is a basket

I stitched this one while reconsidering heart.  I have decided to put together a little documentary on my stitched symbols.  And talk more about what I might call Compound Symbols.  But for now, just to say I loved this one. It is personally satisfying as an image somehow.  Close to my real heart.  Someone asked me about how I feel about folks copying my symbols.  Can I save that answer for another day?

In the same boat

I decided to make the quilting on this one  look like waves.  I don't want to talk too much about the techniques today.  Because I would like my posts to more focused on one thing at a time.  Just pictures today as we prepare for yet another winter storm.  I read somewhere yesterday,..

We are not all in the same boat,  but we are in the same storm.  I don't know, it depends on your perspective.  Anyway, hold on to each other.  I will be back  when I'm 70.

PS  If I haven't answered your email, I'm working on it. Also excuse my typos.  I am lousy at proofreading and worse at typing.  And spelling.  And all things English language.


  1. Happy happy birthday! I have been thinking about personal symbols for quite awhile now – your documentary will be helpful and I am looking forward to it. Love the heart basket. Baskets can grow and grow just like hearts. ❤️

  2. Happy birthday Jude, with my 70th in sight I´m following you as happy as ever. Thank you for all these years of inspiration and ideas to ponder. You are a searcher and explorer. Wish you all the best. Doris

  3. Stephanie Haslam

    I began by loving your work and the thoughts that flow through it. And I have enjoyed all the comments from your followers. Then my admiration turned to your tenacity with the technical ups and downs of your blog.
    My own experiences have reduced me to ……. (unspeakable!) Congratulations for hanging in there.
    Happy birthday to you up there in the winter.
    I turned 80 recently and that has been sobering. S

  4. Happy 70th dear Jude! Enjoy!

    I invite you to step into another world,
    An older and slower one,
    Where what counts is precisely that…going slowly,
    Calming down, leaving judgments behind,
    And creating things in a day…for yourself.
    ~Raul Acero

  5. Helen Lee

    Before I saw that they were strays…I saw them as sails, and thought it was a pirate ship…ahoy 😊
    That blue velvet…oh boy 💙
    …and Soul-o and his friend 😍

    Happy happy birthday dear Jude. Sending a huge birthday hug.

  6. Sharon Koch

    was just listening to jordana munk martin and mia morikawa discuss the role of cloth as storyteller and kept thinking of you.
    (“making a life/ melanie falick” on youtube) happy next decade of your life, much-loved jude!

  7. Happy Birthday Jude!! I like that – I’ll be back when I’m 70! Taking the week “off” seems like a good thing. Same storm is true. Stay safe, friend.

  8. Sometimes making waves is the very best way to get somewhere. Been thinking a lot about personal language and practice, so am happy to have your documentary to look forward to. Hope it’s a very happy birthday for you, full of whatever you wish it to be, oxo.

    • jude

      I do believe we all have our own imaginary world. Even tho it seems real. So boing able to share it seems very important, Even if just to make that idea a reality.

  9. Glad to hear your transition over here coming along steadily, smooth and supported… means so much, doesn’t it? And come to think of it… wish that for you into 70’s too. Enjoy the transition dear Jude. Wishing you the best of Birthday blessings.

  10. Marti

    Feliz Cumpleanos soon to be 70 Jude….it is a good decade, (I’m 73), a time to rise when compelled but to do so with a deeper awareness, perhaps not so many expressions of fire in the belly but to accept that they are there when needed…

    Isabel Allende said this about aging: “Society decides when we get old. But the Spirit never ages.” Never paid all that much attention to society but Spirit, well it wraps around even more these days, uplifts, comforts, decides how to take each day and when it is necessary, it rises to the occasion…so Rise up 70 sister, spread your arms wide, lift those legs in exuberant dance, twirl and sashay all over the place, because turning 70 is a most special occasion!

  11. snicklefritzin43

    Happy, happy entry into the world of the sevens…a lovely, still active time to truly decide just what truly matters to us. Love your slow move to the new platform, the wonderful photos and just feeling connected to you with each reading. Soul-o is a patient one, and what a lovely feathered friend he has who also seems to enjoy the just looking friendship.

  12. Vicki L Hollander

    The heart and boat both speak to my spirit…went right into the core…soul medicine.
    To rich markings for your turning of new year…thank you for your gifts…celebrating you, them.. gratefully.

  13. cednie

    English language aside, you are great at symbols. And definitions. And many things… The Time it takes, the time it takes to become 70! Congratulations and happy birthday!

  14. Julie

    I love those waves a little choppy yet they seem to be ‘holding’ too. Sending wishes for a birthday that is just as you want it to be x

  15. Deb VZ

    Your blog has always been a welcome gift regardless of platform but this format feels especially companionable. Thank you for continuing to “keep going” despite challenges. Wishing the happiest of birthdays.

  16. Jana Jopson

    In the Same Boat — intricately magical, reminds me of a grown-up nursery rhyme. A wordless tune of the sea mixed with the hearts of the sailors.

  17. i just read a long piece about Chloe Zhao, creator and director of the movie Nomadland, in the same news feed
    a woman wondering about her love of mismatched dishes…should she be ashamed?…..and then remnants of
    the nights dreams. Now this post, which is directly talking to me about my ongoing questions to self about
    cloth and blogging
    am going to turn the flashlights off and sit in the dark. Think about the windowsill friends.
    Love to you

  18. Alison Jory

    This one makes my heart sing Jude, but they all do, just different songs. Wishing you birthday blessings and may the sun shine on your face and the wind be at your back.

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