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Deeper Winter

More Snow

They say it will snow for 9 of the next 14 days here in the Valley. We've grown tired of moving snow around. But we will do it anyway.  My idea is hibernating. But Spring is coming. I'll trust in that.


The cloth for no reason

Just talking to talk.


Before I add another layer

The other side is perfect.  I need to add another layer to continue.  Here as a record of my  love. Even covered, it will always be there.

Just Saying

I'm not sure I like these little pictures. At least not today. I made a collage as I imagined my thoughts being covered in another layer of winter.  Yes it is snowing once again.

I suppose, yes, this is now a Winter Basket .  Now a cloth for A Reason. And this one could easily become very large.

As I go through the old blog, I will be adding to the Methods Index, finding a lot of stray ways...

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  1. We had snow like dandruff today. Love the way the blue and white in the snow work to create pattern in the layered image. The small photos are like the words with pop-up boxes, I just make them bigger. 🙂

  2. deemallon

    I used to be afraid to draw on cloth. You’ve given me permission. Thank you for that! I think I jinxed us by saying we don’t really have winter anymore.

    • jude

      I have often felt it to be too mixed media if it end up showing and isn’t just a guide for thread, but now I think maybe it could be ok depending on how integrated it becomes.
      yeah, winter, thanks a lot!

  3. Deb VZ

    Prior to finding your blog, I was very hoop dependent and frequently disappointed by how the overall design was often distorted after removing the hoop. Inspired by your tutorials, I’ve retired my hoops and have come a long way in being relaxed in my methods of piecing and stitching. I enjoy it all more now and have less disappointments because I can see it “as is” while I stitch.

  4. Dakotah

    It’s bitterly cold here. Much more like the winters I remember as a kid. I’m keeping the ducks inside – with some of the cats – for nearly 2 weeks as everything is frozen so no water for them to play in anyway. It’s been below freezing for several days now and single digit temps are coming soon. I’m annoyed with the outdoor cats because I built them a shelter with a heating element and they are letting a troublemaker neighborhood cat take up residence in it.
    Anyway I love the piece. It feels like it holds a beautiful world. Stay warm.

    • jude

      it’s so cold in so many places. Many little creatures are sheltering in my round woodpiles, they are call wood houses in Norway I think. Yes, the basket is such a good circular symbol for holding.

  5. cednie

    Snow scenes work so well for photo layering. I love snow, the more the better! Found a new word recently: subnivean (below the snow).

  6. Sharon Koch

    ahhhh… those b&w dancing waves blending into the dyed drawing… whisks me away! a spiraling merry-go-round… something about the layers of ways to create feels “true”. x

  7. Judy

    that photo layered image is so beautiful! like gossamer. I’m always inspired by your thoughts and the fabric you produce. Just so incredible…

  8. love that collage! it’s perfect! We are supposed to get some sort of snow/mixed thurs through mond but I’m sure it won’t amount to much. The camillias bloomed and have turned brown from the weather being so unsettled (60 degrees then snow) and all the daffodils are sending up green. Feb is for snow then comes March. I can wait! I’ve really missed snow.

    • jude

      it’s been years since there has been this much snow, I remember it from my childhood, but then again everything seemed bigger then.

  9. Listening to you on a lonely ferry boat, loving the idea of being able to find yourself anywhere… of course it’s true, but hadn’t thought it words before. 💙

  10. I’m intrigued by the waves along the outer rim of the circles … trying to suss out whether they are drawn on or discharged out or both … but yes to another layer … and how that might go

    • jude

      most photo software has a layering option. but it takes a bit of practice… sometimes, actually for me, mostly, the good ones are an accident. 😎

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