jude hill spirit cloth

loose spaces

fringe aka continuing

I worked on fringe.

Golden Opportunity

reach reinforced

This spot needed support. Some design mending.

a new perspective

Looking up at this weird chandelier offers a new perspective, I love how it changes the balance of balance.

Storm Watching

There is so much of my old weaving here. I want to build an outside loom and make carpets. Soul-o caught sight of new falling snow.


An old afghan embroidered hat, a gift from long ago. Now a nest. I wonder if the gift giver will find me here.

Winter's Sill

No excuse not to grow scallions.

when it snows in the porch

Yes, it snows in the porch if there is wind.


Watch out. A Big What If is forming.


So today, it was just getting the template set, the Nine Loose Spaces. This will bring some joy back to posting.  Because my mind is sluggish. And because... I have an idea. (Uh-oh...)

Things you click on open in separate tabs here, just a reminder to keep an eye on that.

I have added Contemporary Boro 2  to the Free Enough Class list. At a discounted price, because I did share  the robe portion pattern on my Spirit Cloth blog as part of Large Cloth this past year.

I have set up my audio and video equipment in the basement and as soon as the deep freeze passes ( hopefully)  I'll be back to it.

I think I will need to close access to some of my old blog content soon, after I move some stuff.

It is snowing a lot. Again. This time, when I am outside shoveling, I will cover my head to avoid an ear infection which always seems to happen when my head is cold. There will be no way in or out of here till the snow moves out in a few days.  So I am not adding any new work to shop for a while.

So I am not really here yet, but getting prepared to be really here.

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  1. cednie

    Your nine-patch format is exciting! It came through first on my phone all in a line. But I could already tell it was exuberant, so I looked on the laptop for the full effect. Every little square a gem in the nest of a winter’s day.

  2. Okay, hopscotch it is. Or a train of thought? Look at those 9 boxcars! I like the way the golden fringe catches the light in the selves face and the way you already have a collection of ideas, as shown by the holes in the wall! Ha.

  3. Geneviève Oliver

    Thank you for what you share. I don’t understand what you say cause I’m french but what I see is so interesting! It makes me so happy! It speaks to my soul.It is exactly what I love and like to sew. Thank you! Love!

  4. your “I have an idea!” brought to mind this lovely passage in “Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape” by Jay Griffiths
    “The funny thing is that when I remember the fallow hours, I remember immediately the outrageous, exorbitant, flamboyant stalks which grew from that quiet earth. It would go like this. I would be stuck for something to do. Both my brothers would be stuck. Our friends would be stuck. The pendulum would swing to its furthest extent, a yawn wide enough to swallow the world, and then, like the yin and yang of Chinese philosophy, the extremity of one feeling would create a ferocious need to create the opposite and one of us, their face cracking into a dangerous grin, a truly scary grin, a grin which could chew steel, a grin which could depopulate a wedding, would growl, “I know…” look forward to seeing this new “what if” of yours and your delightfully wild grin!

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