jude hill spirit cloth



Sympathetic Evolution is a term I use a lot. I will be adding more thoughts to that concept.  Here, simply, how one thing might move through another and change form.

This one is 55" square and will not grow outward.  I like its simplicity. But there are still stitches to be taken.


  1. I have loved this cloth from it’s beginning.

    OH! Love that the definition of sympathetic evolution popped up. It’s something I hadn’t thought about in relation to cloth making, but I see how it fits your work. I need to ponder it. I think that is a big part of what attracts me to your cloths, but is something I have not allowed much of in mine. Lots of pondering to do . . .

  2. Carol

    I like your expression of ‘Sympathetic Evolution’. It does make sense with your cloths. I look at them and my sense is of peace and calm.

  3. I like this one too Jude, the open calm of it. I also like how the wide boarder has different spots to pause, little locations – like a Highway with vistas. So, what if it were turned and you looked at it from different viewpoints? As for the red, yeah so? Bleed or not it will reflect the time in which you made this, for the pre-wash step will matter or not, process. Highway 1 fell to the sea again in Big Sur. Your boarder took me there.

  4. vickiinyourhead

    Love this, especially the spirals or “swirls” as I imagine a little girl “swirling” in her pretty full skirt. Remember that?

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