jude hill spirit cloth

warming up to change

From the front Porch

It's cold but there is Peace in the Valley.

It's a magical snow.

I'm not sure about you, but this was not feeling like home. So I am changing the format up a little bit to make it more cozy.  There will be an evolution here, but I suppose most of you are used to me changing things around. Like the furniture. The snow was just beginning here. And as you can see, Alphabet Soup is again in use keeping the wood dry.  It has in a way been a protection cloth, even in it's happy go lucky design.

I found this old loose sketch.  2 old summer selves that might be stitched in winter, while considering season in new ways. I drift (perhaps in sympathy with the snow) into comfort  once again.

where do the Deer go?

No new pics, snowed overnight, maybe 2 feet now. A big day of digging ahead. And it's still snowing.

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  1. Barb P

    I love your posts and hope that changing helps ease your mind an enhances your creativity. Funny I sometimes struggle with technical challenges when I really desire peace.

  2. snicklefritzin43

    Snow falling only in the mountains surrounding our valley….here the last remnants of last small valley snowfall are melting under a heavy rain and big winds. The birds were singing their hearts out this afternoon when I went out to pick up my weekly dinner prepared by a refugee here in the city. Delicious Iraqui meal today. I love being able to embrace the tastes and textures of so many diverse cultures. We look forward to our refugee population to expand significantly this next year. I am finding their influence brushing my creative self as I sketch and stitch…tutoring folks now for five years has opened for me a window of images never before imagined. Just living here in the mountains my “characters and animals” have taken on quite a different look. 2021 is my year to find some of them a home in cloths.

    Love your two summer selves…delightful friends.

    Thanks for another fantastic morning/afternoon visit. Your snow speaks to my soul

  3. Much cozier, Mom rearranged all of the time, making for colorful shouting in the night by Dad. Great to see Alphabet Soup being useful….”A” is for assist & action!

  4. Carol

    It does really look magical. The tree limbs lined with snow and I can just smell the clean snowy air! I hope that having prepared for this cold snap you can appreciate it more. Have a wonderful time taking in the magic of snow and your environment.

  5. Jen

    February can be the hottest month here clear sky’s day after day. Change brings rain, relief for a brief while. I breathe the coolness. Feel alive again for a time. I long for winter

  6. Deb VZ

    I miss the quiet that a blanket of snow provides. I spent my youngest years in rural Michigan and loved the silence of winter and miss it now that I live so near Detroit. Thank you for sharing photos of your rural home and land….I can hear the quiet from here.

  7. Laura

    I like your old summer selves sketch. And your warm wood. Snow is so clean and peaceful to me. Work for you…
    Wishing you warmth and wellness.

  8. cednie

    Sleeting here in coastal Maine. A downright messy storm. Dreaming of summer sun. But trying to face February with the help of my blankets, woodstove, and soup.

    • jude

      at this point I spend less time dreaming forward, just glad to be alive. It’s getting a bit messy now, was nice and fluffy but ice and slush are forming.

  9. The deer around here still browse their various food plots and the clover patches behind our house. Evidence shows that they bed down in the field of little blue stem grass as well as under a number of big Eastern cedar trees. You’ll probably see their tracks in the woods in the photo. On our game cameras, their hair is much denser than during the summer, and it’s all poufed out whenever it rains or snows. Mother Nature is pretty fabulous.

  10. we are (happily) getting more snow (still) than forecast – it should hae stopped by now. Not fast accumulating so it’s just pretty. Love being snug and warm and watching it. Love the sketches! Like whatever you do as long as you are there.

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