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Growing again

On the wall today


And the Storm said "Let me Hold You".

Listening. I was thinking about how a stray must learn to listen to survive. But then, how this listening, how it is really like listening to Her-selves. (The Stray Cat series has evolved into the Stray Selves Series because new form is the point.) Yes?



I'm not sure about anything today. Except large cloth usually starts with small cloth around here.   Sometimes just a small scrap stitched to others begins to grow.  But then often times small cloths can inform larger ones. As they catch my thoughts.

This, below, just recording ideas. On the left a photo of the original base.  On the right, Some digital alterations that came to mind.

I do this a lot. Before I continue.  Sometimes I don't continue, but I have already thought the thoughts.  They might remain useful in the background.

You can click to enlarge, to see the changes.  Listen to how you feel without me speaking.

Meanwhile, Cloth #3 Grow

Another cloth I started this past Summer. And again some of you will remember.

The colors are a bit dulled here.  I was calling it Grow, but now Just Growing.  And this one will. Grow. Now about 63" square.  I think it's a garden. Right now, still, just counting the large cloths here..


  1. Wendy

    I’m still in love with the just growing cloth and knowing that you will continue to grow this one is so exciting. I normally gravitate to loud and bold colors, but I immediately fell in love with all the muted tones on this one.

    • Julie

      Ha, Raccoons! About 30 years ago I spent a wonderful summer with a friend in Toronto and one night we though burglars had broken into the top floor. It was so noisy even the beds were being pushed around. we called the police and a couple of burly Mounties came by, only to find that the intruders were Raccoons. we did feel stupid lol!

  2. Listening, a word I’ve been considering. An important word. The moon peeks, wave shapes grow…an ever evolving story. I like this big cloth and today part of that is the way the corners are nearby one another, but not perfect and the beautiful center (which reminds me of the ground art on my walk yesterday). Be well.

  3. Yes I remember this one from last year! Still love it. Love the center and the muted colors – I relate to them. Can’t wait to see your garden grow especially as I mostly stitch plants. Just can’t seem to help it. I am sure I will learn a lot. Our two years in Colorado I learned a lot about listening… and a lot about snow. Over 17 feet our first year! But the quiet and the white against blue skies was mesmerizing every time. And we lived uphill from the river and we could usually hear it over a mile away. I so miss the quiet and the sound of the mountains now that we are back in Virginia and the slushy icy snow that mostly comes here. And the “city” noises I will attempt to drown out as my garden grows. So glad I have my big cloth to work on that I started last year with you. Have decided to call it “Magic in the Mountains.” A tribute to my mountain memories. Hope your muscles recover quickly!

  4. Sharon Koch

    these frayed strays are mesmerizing. love the way the resist on one cloth softly melts into the stitched scraps seamlessly. almost like you breathed it on there.

  5. Julie

    The changed cloth on the right speaks to me. There is a movement about it that draws me in. Perhaps something to do with the spiral? I love the idea of a garden cloth. I have bought lots of seeds for a flower garden this year. Flowers seem to help.

  6. To be held by the storm, I think you must be pretty courageous !
    Well Strays must be strong to survive . . .
    Love the shibori dyed star/sun in that quiet dark surrounding

    • jude

      seems we are all pretty courageous if we stand back and look. Sudden change does hold us suspended from the expected. I imagine being held as some sort of communication, explanation. I like that moody veiled sun-moon. appearing or disappearing

    • Yeah the drawing is not for color, lightened it just to mark the changes clearer. And to experiment with digital tools. I like the color of the cloth version too.

  7. cednie

    we have a mouse in our utility room. My partner tried to creep up on the mouse, without success. He couldn’t believe the mouse had heard him even though he was being so silent. I laughed and said the mouse is all about listening, its life depends on it. I love the dark wings on your stray.

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