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Almost February Again

Alphabet Soup

I think everything is working ok here for now. So I will take up where I left off, counting the large cloths here that are unfinished.  Which includes all of them actually because my large cloths, they are never finished. And they are all so different.

It has been such a big year, hasn't it? 2020. And even so, it's already gone.  Almost 13 months since we moved here and  still the year was so strange, I feel like I just got here in some ways.  Big snow will arrive tonight and we are in the path of the big dump.  Somewhere close to 2 feet of snow will make it the first BIG snow.  But this time we are prepared and we look forward to the beauty of it.

Anyway, #2, this is Alphabet Soup.  And old cloth  from 2007!  I think this is the first time it has been on a wall. The corner is folded back because it is blocking the heating vent, and it's cold. Partially quilted and still basted in spots, it's been washed and used as a lap quilt  (among other things)

and it has been waiting for a grandchild.  I  added a category called electric jude back on the spirit cloth blog.  This one was machine pieced, free piecing which I learned from Tonya Ricucci.  I have added a category here for Alphabet Soup and will talk more about it later. First let me finish counting. By doing that I bring them here.




  1. amaranda de jong

    So lovely to see the whole of it Jude. Yeah seem to remember you said this was the start and a cat quilt no ? I love alphabet things ,so much scope but nicely contained too.BIG snow wow take care hope your power doesn’t out x

  2. I’ve been glad I kept my original blog intact when I moved to WordPress as Blogger has some features I still find useful … but it was/is free and that made the decision easier

  3. snicklefritzin43

    Once again a lovely morning “conversation” with my friend. Crisp mostly snowless winter here in Missoula….snow in October of measure but only one to two inches here in following few snowstorms. Birds still feasting on the flower heads I left for them and delight me with their conversations. This is a favorite of your cloths for me…thinking about the grand child..how they will love to be covered/wrapped in this.

  4. Diana Trout

    It’s so good to see you again dude. I mean Jude.The audio thingy did that and I thought you might get a chuckle. I guess our storm is yours. Wherever you are be will

  5. Sharon Koch

    is the Q picture block simply “space” because there are infinite Questions? your future grandchild will be delighted!!! oooH… one of your upcoming books could be an alphabet book for him or her to read while under it! and how about a “what if” book? would it be easier to create books with your future grandchild in mind? the child in each of us hopes so! x is for hug, because u are dearly loved!

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