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How humid is it?

Well yesterday the sun came out for a while.  And so did I.  It's been hard to be outside.  I spent a little while preparing the base circles for the round wood stacking.   But I left the wood covered because they predicted storm overnight and into the morning.

I went to check the feeders.  This humid.

environment for growth

I need to make a shopping list.

I woke up to violent thunderstorms.  5 AM.  Raining so hard I can't even find words for it.

Some stormy wishing, coffee...

Still raining.  Soul-o hiding under my chair. This is market morning but I am not driving in this.

anything could happen.

And just some building exercises because there are always puzzle pieces here.  I see everything as a puzzle piece these days.  Loose is good.  I have been doing this a lot   Looking at drawn thoughts and stitched thoughts together.  Mixing it up, letting them touch,  influence each other.  Each medium allows different ways of expression.   This kind of thing expands my image building possibilities.  Every small connection  brings storyCloth could become paper, paper could become cloth.  Old stories combine, become new. Sometimes just for looking. Sometimes it sticks.

I have to admit there is a lot more looking than sticking.   But the looking is always there in the thoughts that spring forth and take form.

Here, some old dot,   some old doodle.  A few loose patches.  Thought taking form.

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  1. Anne

    Bonjour, je suis curieuse, pour quel type d’oiseau mettez vous des graines germées ? Est ce que les oiseaux en France aimeraient ? Merci

  2. It’s been a weird year for humidity, in your neck of the woods and in mine. I’m glad that things have survived as well as they have. Weaving is a great way through it.

  3. deanna7trees

    I need to start playing with my scraps this way. Loving your puzzle pieces. We got a sprinkling of rain for the first time in more than 2 months this morning. Everything is dead. There is no green grass for miles around. Only the weeds manage to grow in over 100 degree weather without rain.

  4. Jen

    Is that circle woven in situ, or placed there….
    Swoon!! 😍

    Oh yeah, sprouting bird seed, happens here too…
    ( my hens would be all over that!)

    Hope the crazy weather gives ya a break soon!
    I am DO waiting for Autumn…heck! I’ll take winter at this point!!

  5. sarita

    Puzzles are so fun!
    Excavating, discovering, connecting , fitting, slowing, patience, revealing, making visible, the hidden story.

  6. Hélène LE FUR

    Hello. I wanted to know where you lived…near or far from me in France…far I fear because I would very much want to see your work for real…

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