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The days are Longer

Yesterday was the 2nd out of 3 glorious days expected here.  Before more snow moves in next week.  Today we will complete the 3rd of the round wood piles.  And haul some rocks to frame a path.  I found this cedar branch hanging from recent wind damage. Can you smell it? There is a  lot of cedar here. Cloth hanging from cedar sticks might be swell.

No stitching to show.  Well, I did add fringe  and I did jot a few things down

I decided to publish my “real journal”, but not openly.  In good time. Another story.

Maybe I will take a little break. 

I’ve not been sleeping well.

Unplugging usually quiets that. 


  1. Alice Zalik

    You might want to try actual “grounding,” also called “earthing, by just walking on the earth bare footed, or otherwise getting your bare skin in direct contact with the ground. It improves sleep. YouTube has several videos, one called “The Earthing Movie,” that explain. It eliminated sciatica pain for me and improved my sleep. Worth trying since, unless you step on a nail or something, there are no “side effects” as there are from medications, and there’s no cost to walking barefoot.

  2. You’ve inspired trying to take more notice as I go, take notes, take pauses for possibilities. So many memories in cedars…I’ve got Mom’s cedar chest upstairs.

  3. Carol

    The wood stack is a work of art! Cedar can be a wonderful fragrance to have just not too much of it and if you hang your fabric on a branch make sure it’s not one oozing with sap. I’m sure you know that tho!

  4. Jen NyBlom

    the great awakening as the change of season commences. I’ve been waking quite early, and the cats earlier still!
    those round wood piles are magic.
    Time for seed-starting?

  5. (((Jude))) for all the eyes you stitch;
    “…. One drop of memory, he says, can hold everything at once, and forever. It’s like having a thousand eyes.”
    from ‘Isobars’ in Janette Turner Hospital’s ‘Collected Stories’ (p180)

  6. Laura

    Sunshine, cedar, a round wood pile, and a cat! I would be so happy. I have sunshine and a cat; I have plenty…
    I hope you can rest this weekend.

  7. Acey

    love the wood stack. been thinking of you-all hoping you were outside soaking it up & in. spent a few hours in the field garden yesterday. just me, the cat, plans, dreams, and a whole lot of living greenery…

  8. Chris

    Are you still on Long Island? If so, I am across the shores from you in Connecticut. Yesterday it was in the mid-60’s and we actually ate dinner outside. And now talk of more snow next week? Yuck!

    • jude

      They are. they are grounding. Not burning that much really, just on very cold days. I can just look at them really, and they are shelter for small beings as well. We had a heat pump installed, electric, cheap and clean. Is it a pollution thing or a fire hazard thing?

  9. Jana Jopson

    I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a “book mat” — wondered what you meant. Then today I pictured it IN a book, so a place keeper? (Duh.) Cloth inside paper. Cloth such a comforting thing just like books. Putting them together (especially with a square of velvet) would make both more treasured. I select bookmarks based on the book I’m reading. A collection of book mats … quite a prospect (especially since I’m not a stitcher–LOL!). Much appreciation flowing your way…

  10. Another glorious day here too and then rain. I think we are done with the snow. Planting peas today. Garden fringe. 🙂 Hope you are able to get some sleep…

  11. Pam S.

    Great reading the possibilities in your notes! I like the storming eyes and adding weave 💙 💙💙
    It must be catching… miserable sleep for me too!

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