jude hill spirit cloth

Thursday or whatever

This video has no sound.

I was thinking about music but I was too lazy. Next time.

Yesterday, I thought yesterday is gone, why do we dwell on it. We've probably learned all we can from it, it's already here today, just changed by time. And new eyes.

fringe like the wind

I guess fringe is a framing component

Fringe might take many forms.  So some fringe storming is going on here.  I was thinking how things need to change to contain newness.  Here, I just kept going.  Closed one side with a hug.  In this case a self hug.  And removed all the threads on one side letting it remain open. To the wind it seems. A frame can bring focus.  I like the ones that leave a path.  A edge can be like a fence. A square is confining.

It's comforting that the fringe here is a natural extension of the cloth itself.

That it wasn't added but simply set free.

I have so many thoughts. I'll need a fringe diary.


I wonder what I look like from there.


  1. Jen NyBlom

    Love the fringe, movement of wind…breezy here too!
    (& so hilarious: the music vid that showed up at the end: Duran Duran “Come Undone” hahahaha)
    Bird’s eye view~~
    Oh to fly!

    (I only keep track of 3 days each week; Sat/Sun (the man is home, we work on projects together 😀 ) & Weds—trash day–Ha!)

    Have a marvelous whatever day! xoxox

  2. Sharon Koch

    the warp ‘n weft of this one, softly reaching out in all directions. the embroidery creating a fringe also. clicking on the enlargement, a lovely in-depth experience of becoming very small ‘n journeying inside the story. listening to the thread music and singing with it…

  3. (((Jude))) when the sun comes up I am going to listen to the whole “Close To The Edge” double album by Yes from 1972, when I dreamed of being a record cover illustrator like Roger Dean!

    • jude

      yeah the fringe ties me to weave and it is leading me back. I’m surprised I know what day it is at this point. probably because my phone keeps telling me.

  4. Brenda J Falk McAdam

    As you handled the piece, I, too, was considering your options. I love the piece. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I provided my own music. 😉 “The Universe is Beautiful” Gregory Alan Isakov. Today I really love this one, and I will tomorrow too which someday will be yesterday…

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