jude hill spirit cloth

Still Rockin’

Some cloth, and I meant to say reversible patchwork

Still fiddling with the focus and color  settings on this camera.   Just testing  getting to some little things laying around.  And the heat fan went on in the middle of it, but whatever.  Here I am.  I think I fixed the suggested videos at the end on YouTube to show only the ones on my channel, but hey, we'll see. Things have a way of undoing themselves.

And then some News

It is apparent that this is my new place. And now, after a bit of trying this and that,  reality sets in.  There are issues of my own making, mostly because I was a bit too ambitious about what I might do here on WordPress.   The help here has been excellent so I feel it can all be ok. So ok.  A bit of undoing and redoing.  This site will be down now and then.  But we have all become used to the seesaw after all this time.

and then back to cloth

Mulling it over...

This is what happened.  I like the little details that were added.  Eyes are important for me.  I use them more and more. They are windows,  and I can never get enough of them.

I love how they  bridge in and out.  Filters between what we see and what we believe.

They seem to represent clarity, but they are tricksters.  The more you have, the easier it is to understand that. So as symbols I would rather use them as a growing desire for a broader perspective. And a deep understanding of distortion. I will add some fringe before closing the bottom here.

The shibori on the front and the tie dye patch on the back, from  Richard Carbin.  He is listed in my resource page, friends mostly.


  1. Jen NyBlom

    Of course anything of Spring and Vision is all right up my alley! Hmm…Deb’s “Green Man” comment! Oooooo…. (I gotta get a grip; I have WAY too much going on–yeesh)
    Love how the mending of the velvet brought a new direction—
    SPRING!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. cednie

    Love the little eyes, and how they go with all the tiny details of early spring. Brown shifts to green and sky wobbles from gray to blue and back. I’m going to go check my garlic!

  3. The 3-inch patch is my Goldilocks “just right” size. Thankfully I’m getting more comfortable making those 1-inch patches which are perfect components. Seems you’ve just created some magic there.

  4. Sharon Koch

    for me, this creative process of something not turning out as expected, considering the new possibilities, and moving thru’ one of them to discover an even better solution, is a beautiful metaphor for life itself. seeing-eye pathwork. thank u, jude. x

  5. Here comes the green man. 🙂 P.S. the follow up videos…3 were yours and one was Pearl Jam. I always wonder if we all see the same follow up videos or if everyone gets a different mix?

  6. Jana Jopson

    Eyes on new leaves like a baby’s eyes opening for the first time. Brings to mind the idea that whatever we look at in nature is looking back at us.

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