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a birthing of sorts

It's weaving Wednesday, but I was lazy and pensive, so there was just a little weaving into. Yesterdayweaving across moons used to be a category on the old blog.  But it became a sun.

The cutting into is aways the  jolt I need on days like yesterday.  The breaking apart, cutting into what is to make way for the new to move through and build new form.

There is so much to say about weaving into, it can bring the thing into no-thing-ness for a moment.

a sun born of moon

This time working on a very thin base,  liquid almost , in it's thinness.  Not holding still. Stuff moved around and I let it.  I let the scraps hold the base instead of the other way around. A lot of what I pulled from the nothings basket were thin too, so it was a bit like swimming.  There is even a bit of wool in there.   The circle became a bit egg shaped due to the tension  and take up of weave and stitch and I said ok, the birthing of Summer.  Let a sun form, let it relax into how it goes.

the river and the sea are there.

A little Solstice Cloth then... in loose alignment.  A little long cloth, a pathwork to another day, and then another.

To celebrate the fragility of season as it unfolds.

This one is seriously like a feather.  Maybe it needs a feather.  Nah, it is a feather.

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  1. Making way for a new path in which to relax, maybe acquiesce .. a perfect prophecy for me because in the upcoming weeks we are MOVING to a new residence. I’m making this new path through my mind to keep the peace I love so well.

  2. Caro

    Happy solstice.
    Yes, the fragility of season, i see it in the whispy thin cloth. I like the soft colors, the match the theme. Everything seems fragile in these times

  3. sharon

    one thing moving thru another as one thing becomes another. fragile as a butterfly wing. night turns into day as winter becomes spring. scraps helping to hold a base together, a community of ragmates… ha!

  4. Jana Jopson

    A cloth ode to the summer solstice … lovely. And all the elemental forces present: earth, water, fire, air … the spirit of love in each stitch and weave. Made my solstice morning complete!

  5. Kristin F

    Such a perfect vision of how shifting and changing everything is. Your embrace of every challenge in the making created a Solstice memory.

  6. I see ripples as on the beach at the woolly peace so yes feathers and sea
    Sea and feathers as in nothingness

    Love you and all here….reading a lot

  7. I saw this newest cloth on Instagram or Facebook (I can’t recall which) … anyway, I couldn’t figure out what I was seeing, but rested assured that there would surely be an explication here

    I especially appreciated the split backstitch rays of the sun … the variegated threads on the roof top … the tiny snippet of bird cloth … and the gentle roll of the waves, even as they reminded me how much I miss being near the sea …

    • jude

      yeah, I think it was still moving.
      deb’s thread of course, and so much happened here, I really wish I had the mind for video.
      We have talked about moving back to the sea.

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