jude hill spirit cloth

The way things might fit together

These two create a balance for me right now. Here, this morning, one falling away, the other coming together.


This new one, well, I really wanted these pieces to fit together, all pulled from what I call the big basket of nothings (more about that later) because they seemed good together.   The woven part  and the stitched part.  Not quite a fit in some ways but so much a fit in others.  There was  lot of maneuvering to give them the order I needed to hold  together.


And so it goes

I considered dipping the fringe in indigo. To make the frame in the woven cloth a bit more apparent.   I think it might have been swell, and maybe some other time I will try that.  It's an idea.

what if ?

one thing seems to hold another.

But then, here digitally so far, a little design mending made the misfit a little less in focus, and somehow the woven part became like a boat, a safe vessel, holding time still bit yet going.

Kinds of going.  Sewing, Weaving, the Joodle.  They are here.  As one.

In general,  nothings might fit together by just  holding one another.  It's worth the effort to try.

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  1. Vi

    Love the way your cabin morphed into a boat and held time…
    I have attempted a few cabins recently..just couldn’t get that magic going in the bits and pieces i was pulling out …and frustrated about it…and hey..today…something just shifted gear, managed to climb out of my ‘box’..and free flow in a way which pleased me. Just kept staring 😀 at your various cabins without a thought..:):):)…and then something intuitively just slid into place. ( Atleast for now) I am pleased…and thanks:):)

    • jude

      waiting is often a big part of it. I have so many things in process, it is actually hard to know how long they actually take to form. I was out walking in the woods by the river yesterday and I found two small scraps that must have fallen out of my pocket. Threadcrumbs, truly.

  2. Pam S.

    I love the lighthearted face of your moon, and my first thought was that it looked like an illustration from a children’s storybook. And the weaving is the icing on the cake!
    Wonderlike Jude 💙

  3. deemallon

    I often find myself pairing unlike sections of things — a quilted three layer section with something not yet backed, for instance. It’s not for the faint of heart.

  4. sharon

    how piecing, applique’, embroidery, weaving ‘n dyeing can happily play together. the many languages speaking as one. strays, scraps, misfits ‘n left overs uniquely joined together in a beauty-full belonging. love.

  5. Jana Jopson

    The woven piece went from mountains to ocean for me. Deep night sky over swells of sea … something we don’t see often with our own eyes unless we live by the ocean.

  6. I love the mismatch — just the way things are, no two exactly alike. The strong dark blue is so comforting — framing, holding all the diversity together like an embrace.

      • carroleb

        I am caught in the cabins from weeks ago. Sky cabin has become a bigger story.
        The Moonflower called to me. The beautiful symmetry and simplicity. I think of the Japanese idea of Shibusa, the simplicity, implicitness, modesty and silence and naturalness.
        At the lake for the summer with these and my indigo vat, very little technology.

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