jude hill spirit cloth


A different way of going. Building.

A looser composition.

this old bowl has held many nothings

perhaps an open frame of mind

It's all the way you think about it I guess,  what it might "be".

It can still be a cabin though. Maybe a cabin falling away.  Maybe it's holds a thought about safety. Maybe fear, which really a kind of discomfort with not knowing.  Even though we can't know.  And oddly, the beauty in that.

While loose patches pulled from the basket of nothings can come together. In peace.  In a moment of belonging to that endless puzzle where everything fits.

the magic

Gosh this was a mind twister.  I need to walk.

Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday.

We had enough rain.  I can hear the river.  The deer came late last night and ate all the hostas and flower buds out front.  It didn't bother me one bit.


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  1. Caro

    Just catching up again.
    For all that has happpened in your last days!
    I always dry some “love in the mist” and study it in the winter, when the garden is just PeaceFully resting

  2. Dhyana

    It is a huge challenge. I work with it every day .. making peace with pieces .. now re-examining my rules as I work on an “all whites” quilt.
    First sunny day in many weeks .. peace of sky.

  3. I like the block in the bowl. I like the shape of the center and the strip below that looks kind of like fringe. It creates movement. Maybe not what one would want in an actual log cabin, but absolutely charming here.
    Making peace with nothing. Part of me seems to understand fully, but the logical side of my brain doesn’t know what the heck it means. I wonder if that dichotomy is part of the appeal of art.

  4. Jude~ The way things can be too much, then decompose to a more comfortable place. This is good.
    After a big, long, not easy week…to look at your bowl and remember a lopsided, antique wooden bowl I had once upon a time, in my early married days…to remember that kind of simple, just think about it, is a way to make peace too.

  5. Pam S.

    Thinking too much here! Storm yesterday was like a tornado … can’t seem to clear my head and just stitch. I’m about ready to live in a cave 😬

  6. deemallon

    “Composing is trying to make peace with something.” I’m gonna thing about that. This square reminds me that composition can also be about trying to break something down. Like an edge. Or a routine.

  7. Cj

    The last photo….a dark cloud casting light! I’ll take the light as storms been a sleep buzz for straight nights. Hope your day is easier and light casts over you today. 🌤️

  8. Nancy D

    The deer live there, too…I’m the same way about wildlife. And Life.
    If you can hear the River, Jude, you’re alright.

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