jude hill spirit cloth


framed by how it might go.

This is different.   It completely removed plan.  I cannot even remember what I had in mind other than Carry On.  I perceived some sort of value in this one, such intense work. Time.

Then I let that go  and just began changing it, not knowing if it might work or not. I stitched a few pieces down here so far.  The stray marks.  Not deciding they had any meaning but just to do it.  To use the marks I had made for no particular reason.  Except to make marks.


The other thing that just popped into my mind...

The chemistry here between the tannic acid and the metal, being the basis for the marks, the interaction that so interests me  in the dyeing process.... I also now note to myself that there is a chemistry between elements, components, the figure and the random marks.   As a result of thought.  Interaction.


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  1. Laura

    Ah, yes. The old random confusion. I get that. I try not to battle it. I trust that it will evolve into some inspiration.
    But, then again, I am getting older…
    I love the subtle color intensity (?) of your wrap stitching on your art.

    • jude

      confusion can fill me sometimes… but it is ok. At least it’s something.

      I live that wrap stitch, using up all my thread ends.

  2. Corinne

    So much energy here. The cat holding the world, safely away from men, and fiercely protective and undaunted. How we will all have to be in the coming decade. Love how the striped marks work to energize the cat.

  3. Marilee

    This is very powerful. There’s a primitive, environmental feel to it. My mind wants to turn her into a tree trying to protect the planet.

  4. sharon

    absolutely LOVE this puzsle piecing process… turning the pieces one way or another until they “fit”. simply witnessing the previously unthought-of image coming forth. chemistry: “the identification of the substances of which matter is composed; the investigation of their properties and the way in which they interact, combine and change; and the use of these processes to form new substances”… true magic!

  5. Sarita

    Love the way the lines around & above the figure create movement.
    The dark lines & blob move the eye around the figure creating the effect of movement. Also compliments the white sphere it’s lifting. The blob helps weight the figure from float up & away.
    Really like it, don’t find it confusing.
    The movement is very pleasing!

  6. Caro

    You are a very creative thoughtFULL person. Sometimes, especially this time of year, i cant keep up with reading, understanding and processing. But thats ok, i just slowly catch up.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and creative work! Always an inspiration

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