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I love this picture. The shadow of the needle.  The reflection of the sky on the table, like the sea I miss so much, making the cloth seem like the shoreline.

Yesterday,   just basting some puzzle pieces,  3" squares cut and folded a while back, waiting to become Frames of Mind.  And some work on a piece I have been calling  A Deeper Place.  One in the Frame of Mind series.  This format seems to place "finished" in perspective for me.  Framing a moment  to rest in.   Framing the "never finished" .

Walking past the mark making scraps yesterday,  without thinking, maybe a hundred times, without looking, because they hang on the wall outside the kitchen... this morning,  suddenly,   there are thoughts about use.

And to quote Neil Young...

Through My Sails

Still glaring from the city lights
Into paradise I soared
Unable to come down
For reasons I'd ignored.

Total confusion,
New things I'm knowin'.

I'm standing on the shoreline
It's so fine out there
Leaving with the wind blowing
But love takes care.

Know me, know me
Show me, show me
New things I'm knowin'.

Wind blowing through my sails
It feels like I'm gone
Leaving with the wind blowing
Through my sails.

carry on

A way to add the drawing element, skitch skatch style.

or shading?

A way to add darkening or mystery  applique style.

uh oh, this is good...

A way to weave, clothweaving,  with the drawing element

I have a lot of ideas.  That is basically where I am always at.  Getting them out there.  Did you ever notice that just writing it down or even imagining it seems like doing it?  I practice feeling like that  for when there is too much going on.   Today though, I am energized by this direction.  I have 2 more jars of tannin,  lots of iron water and cloth,  way too much cloth.  What if I work on already colored cloth?  Or patterned cloth?  I suppose I am on a path to a new set of components. Maybe a new puzzle.  What a relief.

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  1. jeri

    It’s been awhile and I’m glad I checked in… hope you are well.
    I love the marks, they are wonderful as components! It looks like you took a marker and wandered across the cloth. Or maybe something else. Can you tell me?
    Have gotten myself into stitching on wool these days and also making some weird stuffed shapes for a textural art piece to hang on the wall. (took a workshop with Clarissa Callesen)
    But summer is also the time to do some eco printing and dying which I always love doing.
    There, a little catch up.
    Happy Sunday!

      • jeri

        BUSY! LOL (nice to be missed!)
        I am at the beach for the summer now and we decided to do a few art shows, so having fun with that and when they are over (mid June) I will settle in to some dying and more stitching.
        I will look for the post.

      • Mary

        Just getting here.. seems I’m always late getting to the table. Following you in ig and luv the [almost not] pic of your kitty. Yes, I agree the shadow of tge needle speaks to me, as does the punctured squares [promises of things to come]. Your pieces are so very interesting!

  2. sharon

    how the energy we put into making a thing is stored within it. the on-going conversation, with no expiration date. cloth weaving beckons me…

  3. Dhyana

    Sweet tune. I have that tune on my soft and easy playlist. “neilyoung89” used to be one of my passwords. I love new paths in creating ! I know what you mean by relief !

  4. Taking time to consider instead of saying, “I HAVE to do this; I have to do SOMETHING;” that’s a (the?) difference between creating and reproducing. Giving something the chance to become instead of forcing it into being.
    I hope you get to the ocean soon.

  5. Jana Jopson

    A fresh wind catching the sail … what a glorious feeling! Happy for you.
    The mark pieces either side of the beast are SO “right.”
    How is that? Gosh, that’s definitely a kind of magic.

  6. Your marks look fantastic. I always have a lot of ideas and they rev me up. I’ve had to learn to slow down to execute them, which leads to a different evolution. Have to open to that. Happy Friday!

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