jude hill spirit cloth

waiting and then not

cloth on the line in May before it become June

I emptied the freezer of stored plant material saved up for dye projects. It has waited forever.  From now on it is today or not. No more saving.  Except food.  A bag of pom skins, boiled up for 15 minutes or so.   Not for dye really, but for tannin.  I have 3 mason jars full.   I stuffed a bunch of muslin squares  (that have been sitting here forever)  in the jars to soak for a few hours.  Dried on the line   I have a jar of iron water.  Yes, forever.   Will try some mark making I thoughtWhat if? (Why not?)

Gee I like this.

Did that and tore them up.  What if?  (Why not?)

Soul-o is patiently waiting  for me to finish this post so we can go see how the garden looks, it was an almost freeze...


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  1. sharon

    your ability to translate the 3d ‘n 4d into the 2d ‘n then capture that language in a pic for all the rest of us is a gift beyond words. the soul-o-ness of your mark-making. his paw on yours. i feel it so deeply in my heart. an explosion of joy…

  2. Juliann

    Just yesterday I was thinking I need to empty the flowers from the freezer. A whole summer’s worth of flowers! I’m not sure I have enough cloth and skeins of wool to dye with. It is time to quit holding onto.

  3. Corinne

    Love Solo’s paw holding you. My old Emma cat used to always craft with me. Three year old Coco loves to sit near when I sew.

    All the collected fabrics on the shelves become things that stop movement and evolution of creative process. Time here also to purge…less will be more…will open new windows.

  4. Sometimes I just think there is something in the air. 🙂 I’ve been loving my oak gall/iron ink so much and have been looking at my big box of onion skins from this winter and my jar of iron water that I made years ago and haven’t touched yet and thinking, “do it”…

  5. Peggy McG

    Yowser! The marks and ripping! Soul-O touching you touches my soft spot! I am driving through the New England states and at the moment waking to Cold! The inside thermometer I carry in my van said 42 at 7am but we had heard of a freeze warning so had pulled out the extra blankets. Toasty all night as far as I knew! I have not looked at the weather forecast yet but the sun is shining and I just keep going! Your words are right on! Enjoy Today!!

  6. Kate Jocelyn

    I have the same issue with projects that require me to fill a jar with something, add water/oil and wait for the magic to occur— I set the jar aside and promptly lost the muse by the time the infusion is complete. Don’t guilt yourself too much—
    glad you finally opened the jars and made something though:)

    • jude

      oh I can wait for the time it takes for a process, I just got tired of saving stuff just to save it. Get through it I am thinking, make it useful and move on.

  7. Pam S.

    Yeah! I’m trying to stop that thought of always waiting to use fabric or threads for the special projects … it’s a waste when you think you’re probably not ever going to get there…🪡🧵

    • Sue Facherty

      Thanks for the timely prompt. At long last I rediscovered my hoard of embroidery floss and little pots of powder and had a go at dyeing thread.
      My brain over thinks and gets in the way.
      You’re right … if not now, when?

      • jude

        habit really ends up to be a kind of hoarding. I remember Dad always asking
        what are u saving it for?, s rainy day? it’s gonna rain tomorrow.

  8. Rita M

    I know and miss that cat paw action. Miss Kitty, Buddy, and the two of us would take walks out to the woods. Out of all the cats we had over the years, she was the only one who actually walked with us….love love loved it.

    • jude

      I can always gather what’s here if the mood strikes me. saving stuff is over unless needed for something sure to be done.

  9. Amy

    I was just looking at my avocado pits and thinking about my jar of iron water in the basement, so I feel you. The shot of Soul-o’s paw on your wrist brings up a lot of memories of my departed beloved cats.

  10. Susan Hemann

    well we had an almost freeze too
    I just left everything out last night, too tired to move plants inside

    I have flowers in my freezer, been there for a while

    • jude

      yeah, I brought a few houseplants in. and then said what will be will be. I get involved in too many things, I have learned what I need to learn about plant dyeing. It’s really not my thing except when it just pops up as an opportunity. I can watch others and enjoy.

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