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here. ok. the thing is…

Internet is back.  It is the battle of providers here,  one screwing up another.  Another bullshit money game.

a circle forming


I talk a lot about it.  Making.

That it is not the static thing.

But, the idea of connecting dots, more about the ever changing "thing".

I am sure at this point, of probably nothing else except probably even after all this time and all these words, probably no one knows what I am talking about.  

Or if they did, they might not agree.

I am more interested, really in how one thing becomes another,  meeting places, overlaps,   one form pushing into another.  Influence.  This is the story as I know it.   Not story as a thing.  Story as something uncontained.

The idea of finished falls away and is simply replaced by a glimpse of  interaction.  The beauty in that.

How one form becomes and rests in another before... moving on.   

The thing is most people are focused on the thing.

It is a thing world.  


sempathetic evolution

Yesterday's story.  Not an artwork,  Art Working.

And today,

season is change

the garden off to a swell start, flowers on the peppers and a possible freeze tonight.  I guess we will see what form that might take tomorrow.  Season is not a thing either.

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  1. sharon

    jude, alsolutely everything you say ‘n make is HUGEly meaningFULL for me. there’s not been a single post that hasn’t touched me profoundly.
    do i get your original thought? ha! maybe not. but u spark sooooooo many thoughts for me that i’ve never thought before. your influence on my life ‘n countless others is immeasurable. just grateful to be part of your garden. hey, ho!…

  2. Elizabeth Godin

    I have to say that I love that the beast has evolved into wearing clothes at times.
    I marvel at all the thoughtful stitching you seem to weave into each
    Love the movement and the discovery.

  3. Corinne

    I love all of these musings, movements, observations, makings, becoming, evolutions. Thank you Jude and everyone.

  4. Jude –
    Not sure that you actually read these comments every day, maybe with a coffee and the cat in your lap….
    I am not always sure that I understand what you are saying – which I love – and yet I completely understand what you are saying. It is stimulating to have your thoughts/observations to think about – thanks for that.

    • jude

      thank you for your honesty. Sometimes we just know that certain things can not be explained. it’s ok as long as it does not stop you from trying.

  5. Vi

    Jude, I can’t help but read this post a couple of times…you take such big thoughts and bring them into form and words in ways so easy to understand and see and then mull over….
    If that’s not artistry then don’t know what is!!:)
    Thank you.

    • jude

      I am not sure I care about the artist part, I use that word because it seems to glue people into listening, and that is curious too. I am happy to hear that my words can be simple enough.

  6. The garden, already so warm here that it has become a jungle. I love the circle that is becoming and all the things that might be made. I am telling myself a story about things that might be dropped in a well…

    • jude

      so hot here, then so cold. built a fire this morning 33 degrees, but it looks ok.
      I am doing the big purge. Less things will help me. I like the sound in your story.

  7. Jen

    … (dot, dot DOT!) emotions evolve, stories evolve, and gardens evolve…
    –and I love how your thoughts evolve ………….

    Never static, never finished.

    What FREEDOM in that!!

    • Vi

      A non thing world never finishes or gets bored. Always forming and transforming…
      Always something to delight in and smile at or puzzle over .
      A giving world with possibilities.
      Beautiful art working.
      I look at the magical coolness which comes thru your pictures of the green outside as i swelter in 104F at present. It’s the season for it and mangoes.

  8. deemallon

    Love this post. Also how you keep talking to yourself here (or to us, does it matter?) even if we never really can know what you mean.

    One thing becoming another. A light streak. A frost. Indigo seeds taking. A circle in thread.

  9. Peggy McG

    From the moment I found your blog, I got you! I have followed along, ever learning these concepts.. blending… and unfinished.. and just going… my favorites!

  10. You seem very clear to me. Story as a whole, uncontained, unrestrained. Story as Change. Would that make ‘stories as things’ segments of this whole Story? Yes, I think so. “(O)ne form . . . rest(ing) in another before… moving on.” ‘Making’ is a verb. ‘Thing’ is a noun. The thing made is not the making of the thing. A thing can rest, move on, be lost, but making abides, is process, continues.
    I never really thought much about it, or had words for it, but, yes, I think I do understand and I do agree.

  11. Nancy

    You made me laugh today. And remember…that too.
    I remember when my daughter was a tween, completely immersed in her dance world…T-shirts came out reading “You wouldn’t understand, it’s a dance thing” – which at the time we thought was supper funny. I mean these girls were all dance, all of the time. Later it became overdone and sounded, well just snotty. But, it sure was a ‘thing’ for a while there.
    I love this circle, becoming in such an organic way. Not perfectly even, kinda mess really and oh, so beautiful.

  12. Nancy D

    These things are just that. Things. Now, movement! That’s quite another thing. And Emotions, Connections. Ever fluid and changing. Like Life.

    • I love how your thoughts that you share are so varied and they bring out the emotion, authors and deep thinkers to contribute. Your post and all the comments are a daily routine that feeds me. I also love your creativity and embroidery which brings out the artist in others to aspire to be as wonderful as you are. I feel blessed to have found your blog and your commenters.

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