jude hill spirit cloth


Relief.  Escape is often that.  This time around, maybe just from myself.

Started playing (just playing, yay!) with diluting the iron water.  Comparing,

dots reborn

...cork prints, noticing how the darkness travels along the thread in the cloth as it bleeds, conforming to weave.   Not unlike ikat.

let's twist again

...my first strong dandelion cordage.  Now cultivating dandelion for food, so many stems.

stray thread

...thread marks,  and looking at the shadows, inspire to play more with dilution.


I think quite a few mustard green seeds  must have gotten away from me and dropped in the garden path.   I can walk around them for now.  They seem happy there.

A ton of rain yesterday, thankful for that.  Drought predicted here in the Northeast this season.  So glad this rain was a big one.   I am installing a drip system this week,  it will be needed.

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  1. I’ve really been enjoying making cordage with dandelions, hoping to make a small basket or trivet. Just learned that rhubarb strings can be used for cordage too!

  2. Nancy

    The hint of pink in the cordage…the way you can see the ‘warp’ so clearly in the cork dots – both so sweet and beautiful in their own way.

  3. The cork prints are really interesting! I have a tray of dandelion stems from last year and a length of cordage. Some of the cordage has inclusions in it (scraps of yarn, old charms, bits of feather, etc.), which might be fun in a basket. I’m inspired to twist more cordage by the flush of spring dandelions.

    • jude

      just brushed some iron water on and pressed into the cloth. amazing really…
      so many dandelions, great salads, and the twisting is soothing, really strong, I had no idea.

  4. Suzanna

    I love the idea of darkness traveling along the thread of the cloth conforming to the weave. Lately been thinking about shedding light on darkness; your experiments add another dimension (as usual!). Thank you! ❤️

  5. Sarita

    It’s my favorite activity.
    Learn so much from play.
    Enjoyed your inquiry & sharing of observations.
    Have a great week.

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