jude hill spirit cloth

redefining warp speed

My Weaving Self is a very stray self.

Mostly invisible but always circling.

small weavings resting.

3 warps at once

A new loom.  Gift actually.

Back to it then. Taking my time.

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  1. Lynne Watson

    I have a number of looms I made with stretcher bars and/or picture frames. Simple, flat, tapestry looms. I bet I could set one up with three or even just two separate warps. A new challenge.

    • jude

      I always loved the african strip weaving, woven separately and then stitched together. Just thinking of a version of that.

  2. Lynn Watson

    What a lovely gift! so small and neat and made by a professional. Serendipity, since you’ve been discussing weaving. May you have good fun with it, Jude.

  3. Jen

    One Two Three…
    Triple weaving or weaving in triplicate?

    Ok, I’m done “tri”ing…


    • jude

      no idea, I will look around. It was given to me with no box or anything, just parts in a plastic bag marked bead loom. easy to assemble tho.

  4. Nancy

    I like the idea of a triple weave. You must have good weaving eyes (that warp is so tight!) – mine would be so strained!

  5. sharon

    ooooooooooH!!! so much love went into the creation of that loom! great color. perfect size. 3 warps at a time. hey, hoooooooOH!!!

  6. Made me smile and love your little loom. I’ve been thinking to set something up that I can leave easy to access…thinking that it would be something to do with scraps of things.

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