jude hill spirit cloth


There SHE is, unfinished, after all these years.

The cloth I call Spin, well, I don't like it much as is.   Actually I think  that is natural to the poetry of process. It is done when you are at peace with it.   It's on the wall because a lot of looking helps me , motivates me to make the changes for peace.   She needs some work, but don't we all?  Time for another layer.

She seems to be listening to the river.  Created from some of that beautiful shibori ribbon by Glennis.  Here, in indigo. Just like a river, I have always loved it so.

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  1. Alison Jory

    I love this post and I love the conversation following. I am always amazed at the beauty and complexity of your work.

  2. deanna7trees

    So glad you mentioned Glennis ribbons. I have a package somewhere that I’ve yet to use. Must find it and use it in my next quilt which will be blues.

  3. sharon

    oh, wooooooOW!!! her hair appears as the softest moonlight. magic feathers sprouting from her crown. hand-woven face. fiber woman!…

  4. Not liking something is a lovely motivator. The man changes, the river changes, but maybe when we meet we can both grow a bit. Or adapt sympathetically with one another.

    I don’t always like the idea of things being finished; it doesn’t mean death, but it does mean the end of growth. If I can call it conditionally done, I can go back and grow with it a bit.

    • jude

      I feel like being done is a momentary thing. If it is a gift or if it is sold, I think of it as done. But if things stick around, I often look with new eyes, and I am different and it is different and so we go on.

  5. looking long here too and seeing, after a long time, up close,
    closer, farther back, closer, looking,
    ending up seeing you…the maker….seeing a person whose whole life
    is Cloth making. A truly truly Amazing Cloth

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