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give it time

the tail, perhaps now a tale

So the "dove"I liked it,  the breaking up, disappearing, of the stitch.  Thinking about it differently today, that happens if you keep thinking. Wait a bit, let it grow.  Go to seed.  Dove-tail-tale-ing?  dovetale  DoveTale Stitch. yeah.

more integrated stitch

I will add that DoveTale Stitch ( based on the split backstitch) to the Glossary eventually.   This site needs some attention.  But I'm going outside. Taking my time has been, in perspective, my greatest tool.

no mowing, just growing

When you mow all the time, you rarely get to see the full cycle of growth.

a carpet, in a way

So wild strawberries, yes, but I recently learned there are 2 kinds.  The flowers were white back at the other place.  The yellow flowering kind here are mock wild strawberries.  Still gets berries if I don't mow, but small and a bit tasteless.  They are so beautiful as a  "lawn"  The birds love them  and my neighbor eats the leaves in salad.  No mowing here anymore , just a path through for walking, to avoid ticks.  Will do that today.    And then a partial mow  after all has bloomed,  to feed  the compost.   I have found a lot of wild thyme growing  too.  You can mow that and walk on it and it seems to do just fine.  I will encourage it to continue. Maybe a Path of Thyme.

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  1. ikat stitch is what came to my mind …

    and oh, the lovely alternation of light and shadow in the blades of grass … the seedheads like feathered wings …

  2. Nancy

    “DoveTale Stitch”…yes! I fell in love with dovetail in wood as a teen with an antique oak dresser. I still think anyone who can do that (your son?) is so talented.
    “Path of Thyme”…love that. Your world & path is so lovely.
    Allergies here have been difficult in the way of asthma. Blech.

  3. sharon

    thinking about seeds of thought. letting ideas multiply ‘n evolve. as in doodling. perhaps we need a doodle stitch! the dove tale stitch reminds me of “hatching” in weaving. ahhh, time to go play in my loom garden…

  4. Allergies really bad here too…but oh it’s beautiful. I am imagining you walking through your meadow. 🙂 Love where you went with the idea of dovetails.

  5. Jen

    I love how all your thoughts dove-tale together…and even weaving a meadow for wildlife! I love it! 💚
    ( I wish 🙏 could go “no-mow” here, but unfortunately that’s not feasible, so I keep cutting sod away and planting more…I’m leaning toward perennials, wildflowers and pollinator friendly plants this year. 💚🌸
    Finally done w other sewing projects (things I wanted to do for others) & NOW; back to the sort of stitching that my heart yearns for….

  6. Vi

    Taking your time…..has been your greatest tool..i resonate with that so thoroughly….
    Things have a way of ‘ dovetale-ing’ that way, somehow:)

  7. Nancy D

    Oh, I love this “letting things be.” Nature really never disappoints, if you have an open mind…
    I have recently decided to stitch a sampler of Nature’s odd plants that (literally) cross my path on my morning rambles. A way of studying by taking my time. Beautiful photos, btw…

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