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Nana Self Continued


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Been working on this so long, the idea of self is becoming a multilayered  blur...

self as a textile

I did a lot more work here, but who could tell really, this, a slower cloth that seems endless. I have been filling in the blue areas, patching in cloth with stitch, and I really love the process.  And the effect.  Today, just working on tacking down the sheer silk on the sides.  I love the ghosting it provides but the fragility of the cloth has limited what it can be used for.  I had thought pillow or bag, but now not sure how well it will wear.   But then... oh, if it wears away, the holes might be interesting,  the other layer coming though.  Sometimes I forget the beauty in that.  This piece will remain intact despite the silk disappearing.  Probably I love that idea most of all.  Just made my own day.

This one is dense, has a different kind of weight.  Like an old tapestry. Still soft though.  The soft weight of years.

Gosh, words.

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  1. Ch

    A magical accumulation full of your love! A release of what your spirit gives. Nana someone is going to hold it and stories will continue to grow! It’s so Beautiful!

  2. Corinne

    Yes, “the soft weight of years…” the seed for a poem, or a name for your collected pages.
    Thank you as always!

  3. sharon

    how the ghosting captures passage of time, yet soft memories remain. new aqua green stitches springing forth from the old, a weaving together of past ‘n present. an ode of love…

  4. Janet Bergeron

    This piece is magical ! Been slow stitching for a couple years but searching for a more complex approach. In this piece I see it! Thanks

  5. Jana Jopson

    “The soft weight of years” (makes me want to write a poem). This piece does have that old tapestry look … calming.

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