Talking Page 5: How the Self thing evolves

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  1. I like the curtains on the sides. It makes it look like a cat in a window, with the tree leaves and moon behind him. Oh, the scarf is beautiful.

    Hmm… I made a picture of my cat in a window a few years back. This makes me want to see if I can adapt that to cloth.

  2. sharon

    thinking about the self as a path of 3 parts. the self stands in the present, with both the path ‘n future somewhat veiled… so true about our emotions affecting the forms we create. would be fun to express a simple form with 9 different emotions!

  3. Liz A

    this triggered a scent memory of my mom’s bureau drawer … she didn’t wear scarves very often, so maybe a little dusty, with a touch of Chanel No. 5

    and as you handled the scarf, it was as if I were holding it myself

  4. Caro

    I looked before i listened and thought….
    The middle is so vibrant
    (new life?) while the surrounding is fading (us?).
    I guess so much baby on my mind.
    I was very surprised how big the piece is when i saw the clip with your hands on it.

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