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Just going in May

Because we eat a lot of avocados.  And I had a bit of old silk.  And it was a nice day. I really like the color as it came out of the jar.  What if I just repeat this over and over on the same cloth?  Why not?  I don't really need to dye cloth.  I have enough.  But we always have a lot of pits and I am just curious. What if I overdye the walnut cloth?  I have a lot of that from over the years. But then, the squirrels here really like the pits.  They like the walnuts too actually.

The madder has been in the ground for more than 3 years.  I can see red near ground level.  It is quite complicated (for me anyway) to get red.  I do not much like pink.  I am not much into the dyeing thing on any serious level that involves mordanting etc.  And honestly,  The plant is , well, I am not liking it much.  Kinda floppy, sticky  and wandering too much for the garden.  I will dig up what is here and do what I can.  Maybe bundling.  Or maybe just compost it. Or transplant it and let it just live another life.  I would rather grow food.  For me or bees or whatever is hungry.

secret garden

I have been dreaming a lot and

in my dream garden, I simply grow new eyes.

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  1. Darlene Derksen

    I love your garden of new eyes Jude. Please send those seeds out into the world like dandelions. Thank you.

  2. Cj

    Squirrels eat the pits?!😮 I always learn something here! Guess I’ll pull a George and dig in the trash! 😉🥑😂🐿️

  3. all i can think here for sure is the growing of eyes…a garden of
    seeing….it’s all it is this time around….things growing here how i never imagined things Could Possibly GROW….and there is so little
    in anything…..there is just the Every Thing, EveryWhere

    • jude

      Seeing is so non-invasive in the “garden” world. So little me, yes, just the part that loves it all. Funny how letting it be took so long.

  4. Glennis

    i moved my madder twice before i got it into a place that worked for me. somewhere it could do its own disordered chaos thing. plan is to have just enough for personal use and to use as a bacterial helper in my fermentation indigo vat. so far so good. April moons included a madder moon. small batch stuff.
    the moon is lovely…

  5. Peggy McG

    This post is So Refreshing! Mostly giving permission to not Have To…. And Growing new Eyes is a Fantastic Art piece… Just keep going at whatever pace is set for the day!

  6. Judy

    the way you express yourself with fabric and stitching always amazes me and inspires me too. I’ve not been doing much stitching lately but I so enjoy seeing what you’ve been doing and reading your words. Thanks Jude.

  7. Martine

    I love your stitched eyes and i love your mans new eyes, i understand because i have new eyes too, its so wonderful.
    Now i can almost see to the moon……………….

  8. Nancy D

    Oh! Your cloth garden…I can see what takes place below, the Full Flower Moon using its energy to draw up through the seedlings! Lovely work, one of my favorites, for sure…

  9. Helen Lee

    Magic Garden.
    Funny story. Years ago we did an organic veg round. Every week, when we went to pick up the vegetables, two or three avocados would be missing from the box. Eventually, the people who worked there saw how it was happening. A squirrel would come and run off with one, then come back for another 😂 Expensive taste this squirrel had! I did not know they also love the pits.
    I haven’t dyed anything for some years. Not keen on pink here either, but I do like the colour of avocado dye.
    How are the Man’s eyes now?

    • jude

      They love them. I have to be careful with compost. They don’t break down too fast and end up in the garden beds and then the squirrels come and dig them up, that is how I found out they love them.
      The man says it is like he has new eyes!

      • deanna7trees

        I do love the pink of avocado dyeing but gave that up years ago. Didn’t know the squirrels like the pits. Maybe if I give them the pits, they will leave my plants alone. I will try to negotiate that.

        • jude

          Squirrels here are a big problem for the garden, but I also feed them, they are big and fat and have big families. I love when they take the nuts right out of my hand. At this point, I take my neighbor’s advice, “just plant more!” Ha!

  10. I found my jar of avocado pits that have been soaking for about a year…I’ll toss in a few small pieces of fabric today and see what happens. 🙂 I’ve been thinking a lot about stopping points (which are really beginning points for other things)…

    • jude

      yeah these soaked for a few months at least. I left the cloth in for about 4 days, maybe I will wait longer next time.
      It helps me to not think about stopping but simply how one thing leads to another.

  11. Jana Jopson

    By weaving, pots for growing appear. And by planting, eyes appear. This is so magical to me. Transformation. The unexpected arising from the intersection of thread, cloth, and imagination.

  12. kirsten

    this morning i pulled out a damask napkin that had been sitting in black walnut and water for a few months. interesting patterns on it from the dye.

    i’m not into the whole precise way of dyeing either. and i don’t think our ancestors were either!.

  13. Els

    All those fresh green are soooo lovely !
    Great to have enough space to grow madder. And indigo too ?
    (I’m not really into dyeing myself either, I love the results others get, but it never seems to work out for me . . .)
    Love those eyes growing 🙂

    • jude

      yeah madder takes up too much space. I know I will never really use it.
      Indigo comes up everywhere here now, and the bees love it even if I don’t use it.
      There is so much dyeing now. I can get swept up in the trend but at this point, it is not necessary. Except for indigo, my art does not depend on it.
      Love those new eyes too. Those I need.

      • Jen

        My madder is 3-4? years old…yah, it’s an odd plant…might be time to figure it out and do the dye…
        My indigo plants are everywhere and I like that🤓💙 ( whether or not I actually “do” anything w them, they are there if I wanna)
        Picking peapods everyday now, and staking tomato plants ( lots of tiny green fruit & two small red ones already picked) Tons of flowers and greenery everywhere and very busy parent birds.
        I love this time of y at for the whole joy of it!!! 🤩💓💚💚💚💚💚

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