jude hill spirit cloth

Greener Days

Oh, finally...

bee balm rooting, pulled some from the path...

salad day

The lettuce, from the cold frame,  parsley second year, it does that.  Dandelions are everywhere.  I have encouraged them.  I wonder if they freeze well.  I want to concentrate on wild greens.   Or those that reseed.  Mustard greens reseeded, just popped up.  They will be great.  I am waiting to see if the Malibar Spinach shows up.  And the indigo just started, which I do not seem to need to plant anymore as long as I let some go to seed.  Who knew?

This Valley is a bit like a basket.

the path to the river.

small cloth, big moon.

Time for a walk.

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  1. Jana

    The little touch of same-colored crochet is the perfect touch! And I love the partial weave — thin with thicker. How lovely to eat what you grow.

  2. Marilee

    You can also mince herbs and put them in olive oil and freeze them in cubes then add later to soups, salads or whatever. They will also keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks in the EVOO.

  3. Joanne in Maine

    there is a path like this behind my house. We walked it every day- wind rain sun or snow. With the Dog. No Dog now to encourage us……but the image here- reminded me. thank you

  4. Jen

    Isn’t it lovely!?
    ⛈️ Here today so I will redirect my attention to cloth…but oh! The outdoors still tugs at my heart💚🌱🌿

    Enjoy your walk!
    Love your mini landscape!🪡

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