jude hill spirit cloth

How I have come to imagine it…


Moon, Mountain, Moving along. And not alone.

How big story is.

How small the thing is.

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  1. sharon

    love so much about this. the big eyeball moon. reflections of light outlining the mountain. the beast herself, transforming before our eyes, as cloth ‘n thread bring her to life…

  2. hermosa

    Dang, you are a wealth of possibilities. The moon slipping in, the mountain. Oh the mountain. and always the faithful beast.

  3. Jen

    I love how you cut away w mega mendung cloud fabric to reveal the moon!
    Clever, that!
    I love your stories…magical

  4. Nancy D

    Oh, that Moon! I’d love to go a-wandering with the beasts as my companions…we would stray right off the cloth!

  5. Vi

    Oh goodness…so very true! And to actually see that….
    You continue to show and teach by simply sharing your thoughts and imaginings…I enjoy picking up the treasures as i find them:):)

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