jude hill spirit cloth

Time Frame

Today I am reflecting.

Without self judgement.

me. 72. reflected in the computer screen. hey!

weaving across moons. It could be a thing, again.

The Frame of Mind. I made many of these, all different sizes.  To look through.  When I made them from loose dyed moon patches I called them time frames.   Time Frame seems so limiting and structured on its own, as a term.  Lose that, I say to myself.  So here, it seems the opposite. It gives context but in terms of timelessness.  Or at least that is how it feels today.  A Time Keeper I had thought but now a Timeless Keeper.  This is helping me get out of the box (again) I always find myself in.  I put a lot of demands on myself.  That is what I let go.  I slept late. The river is still roaring.   It stopped raining for a bit. I will go to the river.  Even though the mosquitoes seem very happy.


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  1. You look great! I thought, “a gathering of times” when the moon patches popped up. Time and days are such a blur now. I like that, usually.

  2. Cj

    That darn box, like someone folded the edges in, left, right, left. Keep balancing and showing yourself grace! We deserve it! I miss my stitching. Soon!

  3. Jana

    “Timeless Keeper” —- makes me think of that watch where the number positions on the face are all filled with the word “now.” Love those moon frames.

    Gosh, you are adorable, brown-eyed girl.

  4. Jen

    Today I am surprising Time
    I look at the face of the clock and say, look at you, silly thing!
    Right now the only “time frame” in my world is when will those bluebird babies fledge??
    Any Time now….

  5. Alice

    Are you the caged moon being looked at by eight free floating moons? No, you’re definitely the free floating one, looking though a barred window at eight caged moons?

  6. Ah, good morning to you! Thinking as a river gives such freedom.
    “No matter how full the river, it still wants to grow”
    ~African Proverb
    You have me considering self-imposed demands and letting go of some of those.

  7. Connie Maeran

    “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi
    This made me think of you. Thank you for all that you’ve shared over the years of your art, techniques, thought process and soul; all have been treasured gift.

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