jude hill spirit cloth

a more selfless vision

one two three poof.

Over the last days. Slowly I let the composition contain less physical self.  Taking the figure out has been on my mind for many years.  But I couldn't free the urge.  But really, in some way, the spirit of self seems bigger without actually using it.  This past week I let go of me for a moment and let  the peace of that  create the form imagined.  It was an exercise to  free my mind from some invisible stress that has kept me from sleep.  I like that I can tell the story of being there without actually being the main character. Maybe a kind of ghosting.

I am there because I witness.

To simply honor the form.

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  1. You almost always make me think.

    When I make something, it’s always what I see, real or imagined, abstract or (usually) not. I only rarely “see” myself. I am present in my art only through what/how I see. Your “self” figures have always fascinated me, at least in part because I don’t really know how to insert myself figuratively.

    I read once, about writing, that each character in a story is the author because the author created the character from their own mind, or, if based on someone they knew, was their own perception of that person. In that same way, all visual art can be considered a self portrait, because it’s what and how the artist sees.

    I don’t think I’ve said anything new here, but the light only just cam on for me to see it. I did not see any of this until I read this post. It has broadened my perspective.

    And I absolutely love your statement “I am there because I witness.”

  2. sharon

    in the figureless compositions, the other forms seem to interact more freely. they get to tell their own stories. as tho we’re inside the composition, seeing thru the beast’s eyes…

  3. I am going to be doing some observations today, which really is about collecting stories. It can be hard for me to step back at times…thinking about this. 🙂

  4. kirsten

    how thought-provoking to remove one’s self from the composition.

    at times i catch myself inserting me into situations that really have nothing to do with me. and this morning on waking decided that was a habit (for me) to stop.

    • Jude

      Well I think anything we witness contains us, the story of how it happened of course moves through us. As we move through it. It is confusing how to make that gentle.

  5. Cj

    Was just enthralled in reading the Gaia newsletter on freeing the soul, here I see such enlightment in emotion. The serenity of the Moon’s glow as the Earth explodes with new growth or ones spirit in flight. Each piece yearning
    a calmer sense of peace. This grouping is so enlightening! 💞

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