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to consider again

Since weaving is a root for me,  just saying that, again,  feels so good. I find myself wondering again. In the beginning there are always questions.  And then later, sometimes the same questions. Because answers are always fluid.  Like the river of thought.


some old page from 2014

the page that formed while talking.

Way back, when I couldn't find a universal audio player,  I resorted to making audio style videos for You Tube so everyone could easily listen.  Since I would like to listen to what I was saying back then, I will be putting some of them here. I am focusing o weave this month, to steer my thoughts again to that influence, and like before, not necessarily to teach weaving but to let weaving  inform my going.

seeds that gather on the Grow cloth like questions.

And now, 2023


As it always turns out, a lot of my larger cloths turn out to be places for my reconsidering.

I chose Grow as a place this time.  I continue with the dots, weave stitching here and there. Thinking, Asking. Trying.

Evolution  of form.  Understanding this drives me.  One thing becoming another.

One thing will disappear in order that another might appear.

Paths cross.

A thread in time connects them.

And then it lets go.

There is no sadness in this for me.

No time to talk now, tomorrow.

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  1. What comes to mind while watching your video.
    The loom is the Inn
    Warp is the Innkeeper
    Weft is the Traveler who goes in and out
    Inns are often places where stories are told
    In stories Warp can be as varied as Travelers, but is more often a solid, sturdy, simple Type
    Weft can be anything from plain and sturdy to fancy and light.
    Both Warp and Weft add to each other’s stories, which can create new stories.
    New stories might be/are what’s woven.

    Even the language of storytelling contain weave! Stories are woven. Characters, plot elements, themes weave in and out as a story progresses.

    Story defines weave. Weave defines story. Weave=Story!!

    • jude

      yes, it became more formalized when I began sharing online. Tying to explain and the conversation that results created a great rhythm for going.

  2. Carol Ferrett

    Watching you pulling all the threads together for “weaving” was so fascinating for me; it opened a window into something. I was thinking of weaving in relation to the stand and the traveler and it made me think of cooperation and integrity. If there wasn’t a strong stand the traveler wouldn’t be able to travel very successfully. They have to rely on one another, because the traveler does a job for the stand in that it secures it and stops it from flopping around. Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. For me, when considering weave…Rhythm is the word that evokes the most meaning. That rhythmic movement that calms the mind, allows thoughts to flow or no thoughts at all…a very zen place, a worl to be held within. xo

  4. Jana Jopson

    I’m going to think about this as I go through my day…are the hours I’m given today the warp, my choices for activities the weft. What will I weave and how will it look to me when I lay my head on the pillow…

  5. Lynne

    I’m stuck on that re-naming…stands for warp…traveler for weft..
    What about road or path for loom …what the stander stands on and the traveler moves on …

  6. Pam S.

    Very clear and refreshing to hear your words on weaving this morning 💙 I still want to do some weaving….just need to make some quiet time in my head!

  7. Corinne

    Wow! “A root for me” really resonates with me. Considering my “bedrock” roots with cloth, sewing, needle and thread, “evolution of form…one thing becoming another….disappearing, appearing, paths crossing, a thread connecting….then letting go….no sadness here”

    I am printing your thought-words out and hanging them on my “thoughts to live by” wall. Thank you some more for saying what I feel but cannot express in words.

    • jude

      I am still trying to express my relationship with weave in words. it runs so much deep than words, I really need to dig.

  8. Much to consider here.

    Listening to you talk about weaving made me remember my many years of weaving crab pots and ring nets with Mom and Dad. A different kind of weaving… with just one thread (whether steel or twine) where the “cloth” is built row by row by adding to the one above. I use to argue with Dad about whether it was really “weaving,” especially with the ring nets where a knot is tied. 🙂

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